Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold
Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold

Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold: During the past year, there has been a lot of talk about Lei Jun’s first folding smartphone; shown in an official video with a panel that can be folded in two places. Since then, water has passed under the bridges and the company has gone from this model to present the Mi MIX Alpha, characterized by a display that surrounds the body. But what happened to your folding device? The answer could be contain in this new patent device, dedicated to the mysterious Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold is inspired by Huawei Mate X in this new patent

Over the months we have seen the patents of multiple Xiaomi- branded solutions: with Quad Camera, with clamshell design, with extendable display, all beautiful. What if the Chinese company opts for something “already seen” to be on the safe side? This is what emerges from the new patent identified at the CNIPA portal, which seems to refer to the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold.

Mi MIX Fold

As can be seen from the image gallery; the first leaflet of Lei Jun’s company could opt for a design inspired by Huawei Mate X, while maintaining various distinctive features. The Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold (the name is still a work in progress) has ;as shown in the patent – a central hinge that allows you to fold the display outwards. In addition, it will be a panel with curved edges, with a module that houses a dual chamber. It is not cleared that whether the device will contain inside a hole or not; in a sidebar or below the display. Mi MIX Fold

The document does not report the specifications of the Mi MIX Fold; even if it is legitimate to assume that it may have the Snapdragon 865 on board and that it will therefore be a top model. Obviously, it is purely speculation and the same patent is to be taken with due precautions. These projects often tend to never see the light; so for an official confirmation we will necessarily have to wait for Xiaomi’s response

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