Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Specification and price fell to the “clearance price”, but unfortunately everyone is not optimistic, Mi Fan even looks forward to Mi 10!

Xiaomi has received a lot of attention in the mobile phone market at home and abroad. In recent years, Lei Jun has made a strategic shift in the mobile phone market. Xiaomi ’s main flagship brand has more focused on high-end standards, upgraded the price positioning of mobile phones, and the newly established The Redmi sub-brand is more focused on the ultimate cost-effectiveness of its products. Mi 9 Pro

This year is the first year of 5G in the mobile phone market. Major mobile phone brands will launch dual-mode 5G products that belong to their market positioning at the fastest speed. Xiaomi is undoubtedly the most active one. The recent Redmi K30 5G is positioned at the price of 1999 yuan. Has been recognized by most consumers, cost-effective and practical. Mi 9 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Design and size


As early as last year, Xiaomi released its first 5G flagship mobile phone. Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro brought a number of core upgrades. At the same time, it was absolutely overwhelming by the major friends in terms of cost performance, beautiful and practical appearance design, and powerful. The hardware upgrade fully meets the ultimate experience of most rice flour consumers.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is not optimistic because it is the appearance design. The design elements of the whole machine basically continue the design standards of the previous generation Xiaomi Mi 9. The curved glass body and colorful gradient color blessing. If you do not look at the body This Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro is almost the same as the previous generation, but the body weight has been improved.

In terms of hardware upgrades, Mi 9 Pro is definitely very powerful. The battery capacity of the fuselage has achieved 4000mAh, which further compensates for the user defects of the previous Xiaomi Mi 9, and it is more worthy of recognition. In addition, the 20W wireless charging has also been upgraded to 30W. Standard, charging speed and power are even more impressive.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Processor

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro also upgrades the phone’s processor to Snapdragon 855 Plus, the performance upgrade is very prominent, and the latest UFS 3.0 flash memory is added, the linear motor blessing, user experience, and the enjoyment of the game are all It is very prominent, and the initial price of 3699 yuan is really loved and supported by most rice noodles.

Finally, the current Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro has basically fallen to the lowest price. Third-party platforms can be bought for only 3299 yuan. The performance and practicality are outstanding. The only disadvantage is that the mobile phone is a water drop screen, which is not mainstream. There are also single-mode 5G Internet access standards, which cannot meet the current multi-channel 5G frequency band. Therefore, consumers are still not optimistic about price reductions, and mobile phone sales have not increased significantly. Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

And Mi Fan is not very optimistic about the sales of Xiaomi 9 Pro on the market. Even if the price has changed greatly, Mi Fan has expressed that they are looking forward to the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 series flagship, giving it a powerful appearance upgrade, and the top configuration standards This will surely lead Xiaomi to become the industry’s most eye-catching flagship model.

So, compared to the upcoming millet 10, the previous generation Mi 9 Pro has fallen to the “clearance price”. The new flagship will definitely have a higher price positioning level. Would you choose the previous generation Xiaomi 9 Pro? Talk about your opinions and opinions! Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro

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