Xiaomi Mi 6
Xiaomi Mi 6

Lei Jun hinted that Xiaomi Mi 6 users changed their phones and suffered a “face”. How strong is Xiaomi Mi 6?

Recently, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, has launched an interesting Weibo vote, mainly aimed at “Xiaomi 6 nail households.” There are three options in the poll, including “Change Xiaomi 10”, “Change another mobile phone” and “Continue to be a nail household”.

Interestingly, more than 50,000 people chose to “continue to be a Mi 6 nail household. Xiaomi Mi 6 is the flagship model released in April 2020. Why has it not only disappeared into everyone’s line of sight after almost three years?

Xiaomi Mi 6 Specification

Xiaomi Mi 6 Specification is the following.


China’s first flagship mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm 835 processor. Xiaomi 6 not only achieved first-class performance but also received high praise in other aspects. Equipped with a high-brightness, high-color-gamut LCD screen. There is a clear stream in today’s OLED screens, and 1080P resolution is not behind.

Xiaomi Mi 6 camera

Xiaomi Mi 6 camera

The Xiaomi Mi 6 camera 12-megapixel dual-camera, four-axis optical image stabilization, double optical. The zoom enables Xiaomi Mi 6’s camera to remain “usable”.

Xiaomi 6 Display

It is important that today’s full-screen phones are almost all large-screen phones that weigh more than 200g. The Xiaomi Mi 6’s 5.15-inch screen, four-curved 3D glass. And the 168g “lightweight” has become the best choice for the Xiaoping party.


In addition, the 6GB of storage and the performance of Qualcomm 835 make Xiaomi 6 not enough to “play” in 2020. But there is no problem in daily use and playing games.

Previously, Lei Jun frequently “suggested” Mi 6 users when he released the Mi 9 series. Now it seems that Xiaomi 6 is still a favorite of many rice noodles. And it is selling well in the second-hand market. I don’t know when these “nail households” can change their mobile phones?

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