Xiaomi Mi 10 vs OnePlus 7T performance
Xiaomi Mi 10 vs OnePlus 7T performance


Xiaomi Mi 10 vs OnePlus 7T performance: Xiaomi Mi 10, which was released recently, constantly promotes the 90Hz screen refresh rate. In fact, this feature was equipped with the OnePlus 7T phone last year. I did not expect to become the standard equipment of the flagship this year. Speaking of OnePlus phones, in fact, the latest model is the OnePlus 7T released last year, equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855+ processor and a 90Hz screen refresh rate. Of course, the most powerful system is the operating system that is closest to the original Android ecosystem. So how big is the performance gap compared to Xiaomi 10? Let ’s take a look at the results through a set of tests!

Xiaomi Mi 10 & OnePlus 7T Processor

It should be known that the configuration of Xiaomi Mi 10 is similar to that of the OnePlus 7T, except that the processor is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865, and the memory is basically the same. However, in the boot speed test, Xiaomi Mi 10 has a clear advantage. After 5 seconds into the interface, the OnePlus 7T only finished loading. This gap is quite large.

Software Comparision

After clearing the background of both phones, start all the software at the same time. When OnePlus 7T runs AnTuTu, runs through FireWire, YouTube, Netflix, Jingdong, Firefox, and system settings, it is faster.

Xiaomi Mi 10 runs wild racing, Jedi survival, life and death duel 3, Instagram, download software, music software, Taobao, internet speed test software, camera, the advantages are even more obvious.

Xiaomi Mi 10 vs OnePlus 7T speed test

From the test results, although Xiaomi Mi 10 won, it did not show a crushing advantage. After comparison, it was found that Xiaomi 10 is faster at running large 3D games, especially the loading and rendering of the screen, which is the performance advantage of the Snapdragon 865 processor GPU. In contrast, the OnePlus 7T is faster in application software, and the interface is very clean, and almost no ads can be seen.

In the next second round of testing, all applications in the background were opened. This time the two phones performed similarly and no gap was seen at all. Although the processor of Xiaomi Mi 10 is ahead of the generation, the system optimization of the OnePlus 7T is still better.

Xiaomi Mi 10 & OnePlus 7T Summary

In summary: the overall performance gap between the two phones Xiaomi Mi 10 vs OnePlus 7T is actually not large. Although Xiaomi Mi 10 won the first round, it only won 3 rounds, which are all wins in large 3D games. On the other hand, the performance of the OnePlus 7T is very amazing. Although it lost, it is not ugly to lose. The configuration is backward, but the combination of the system and hardware is better.

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