which is best mobile phone
which is best mobile phone

To see which is best mobile phone, Grab Xiaomi 10 or wait for iQOO 3? How to choose between these two Snapdragon 865 flagships

Which is best mobile phone

Since entering February, there has been more news about the new flagships. At present, we have waited for the release of the Samsung S20 series and Xiaomi 10 series. The price of the former is still “high,” and although the price of the latter has been increased compared with previous generations, it is still worth buying by many consumers. However, to answer the question of “Xiaomi 10 is not fragrant”, maybe we can’t reach a conclusion at present, because “fragrant is not fragrant”, it is contrast, and another domestic flagship iQOO 3 will also debut soon, when we say Xiaomi 10 Fragrant is not too late.


Although iQOO 3 has not yet been release, several basic hardware configurations have been exposed, so we can first compare it with Xiaomi 10. Both phones are equip with the flagship processor Snapdragon 865, which is destine to be flagship. However, there are some differences in memory and flash memory. Although they are all equipped with LPDDR 5 memory, Xiaomi Mi 10 is the UFS 3.0 standard flagship last year, while iQOO 3 is the latest UFS 3.1, so iQOO 3 has more advantages in data reading and writing.

Vivo iQOO 3 or Xiaomi 10 Battery

Fast battery life has now become a point of great concern for users, because today’s machine strength has greatly increased. If the battery life is not good, it will lower the overall experience of the mobile phone. Xiaomi Mi 10 is equip with a 4780 mAh battery and a 30W flash charge. The iQOO 3 is a combination of a 4440 mAh battery plus a 55W ultra-fast flash charge. The former has a slightly larger battery capacity, but the latter has almost twice the fast charge power. Obviously, iQOO the overall battery life experience of 3 will be better than that of Xiaomi 10.

which is best mobile phone to buy

Since both are the latest 5G flagships, they both support NSA / SA dual-mode 5G networking. Needless to say, they will bring high-speed 5G experience to users. At the same time, in order to bring a better Wi-Fi Internet experience, they also support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, so that the latency is lower and the speed is faster.

Gaming experience

For a flagship machine, users generally like to play games, which is also the advantage of the flagship machine. However, compared to Xiaomi Mi 10, iQOO 3 will be more confident in terms of gaming experience. Because it will become the new generation of KPL official competition machines, the game performance must be different from the usual “machine”.

In addition, also broke the news that iQOO 3 will use a horizontal linear motor. If it is use for game vibration, it will definitely bring a better experience. For example, shooting in a chicken game will have more comfortable feedback. Of course, such a horizontal linear motor can also be use in more scenarios such as typing, providing users with a more comprehensive and natural vibration sense.

In terms of the three basic hardware configurations of processor, memory, and flash memory, iQOO 3 has the extra “bonus” of UFS 3.1, which is more powerful than Xiaomi 10; with fast battery life, both have their own benefits and losses, but iQOO 3 overall More powerful; both mobile and Wi-Fi networks are excellent; the gaming experience is also more advantageous with iQOO 3. To answer the question “Xiaomi Mi 10 is not fragrant,” wait for iQOO 3 to be release. After this news now you can decide which is best mobile phone to be buy.

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