Vivo Z5X Price in USA
Vivo Z5X Price in USA

Vivo Z5X Price in USA & Specification: Vivo Z5X Snapdragon 710 with 5000mAh large battery: 185$ USD (1298 yuan) solves just need

Vivo Z5X

For mobile phone users, what are the real rigid needs? It shouldn’t be considered playing chicken; taking pictures might not be considered, but the battery life of the Vivo Z5X must be considered. So, if a mobile phone is cheap, has a moderate configuration; and comes with a large battery, it may be a very suitable product. Vivo Z5X is a mobile phone designed in this way. Although it is close to delisting, the price of 185$ USD (1298 yuan) is worth considering.

Vivo Z5X Display

In terms of hardware configuration, this Vivo Z5X is incomparable with its own Vivo Z5 in many places; such as its rear fingerprint, camera and fast charging with higher specifications, and even it does not have USB Type-C. Vivo Z5X product simply saves money at home. However, the Snapdragon 710 processor, the same 1080p full screen, especially the 5000mAh large battery and the 18W fast charge; these add up to better battery life, plus the appropriate price. Definitely a very good choice.

Storage and Price

At present, this Vivo Z5X has multiple versions to choose from; of which 185$ USD (1298 yuan) is the 6GB + 64GB version. The capacity of the phone is small, but it supports a maximum of 256GB memory card. There is also 6GB + 128GB optional, which costs 14$ USD (100 yuan) more. The least worth considering is 8GB + 128GB, which only costs 28$ USD (200 yuan) more if you increase the memory. So, when buying, you may also wish to refer to the price information of Vivo Z5X; of course, the premise is to see which ones are available.


Vivo Z5X camera

Other aspects of Vivo Z5X are not much, such as the camera part; the front is 1600W pixels, the rear is a 1600W pixel main camera; with an 800W pixel ultra-wide-angle and 500W pixel depth of field camera. These are completely incomparable with Vivo Z5; and the fingerprint recognition of Vivo Z5X also places behind, which is completely the design of the previous year. Of course, these are not the key points. If you think these influence the purchase, then the Vivo Z5 is indeed more suitable.


Overall, Vivo Z5X is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 to guarantee the user experience at a limited price; while the remaining selling points are all added to the battery. The shortboard of the Vivo Z5X mobile phone is the figure. The thickness of 8.85mm plus the weight of 204 grams really confirms its large battery.

Vivo Z5X Price

Leaving aside some outdated designs, the price of this mobile phone at 185$ USD (1298 yuan) plus such a configuration is really practical, so practicality is its biggest selling point. After reading this article you know about Vivo Z5X price in USA & Specification.

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