Vivo X30 Pro
Vivo X30 Pro

5G era telephoto artifact, analysis of vivo X30 Pro imaging capabilities Vivo X30 Pro Specification

Vivo X30 Pro

In the era of homogenization of mobile phones, more and more manufacturers use mobile phone shooting as their main selling point, and continue to invest a lot of money and energy in this field. In this trend, we welcome the vivo X30 Pro, which is known as the “professional imaging flagship” at the end of 2019. As a flagship camera model in the dual-mode 5G era, the rear four-camera configuration of the vivo X30 Pro is quite luxurious, which has attracted many consumers. Now almost two months have passed since the official release of this phone, let’s take a look at the photos taken by this phone again.

Vivo X30 Pro Camera

For most ordinary people, compared to light and composition; everyone cares more about whether the mobile phone captures what they want to shoot, and how sharp the image is. The rear main camera of the vivo X30 Pro has 64 million high pixels, which can bring the highest resolution; allowing the phone to record more details when taking pictures, and better restore the scene at the time. In this landscape photo, the sufficient resolution makes the roof tiles and leaves clearly visible; and the details are fully preserve. At the same time, we can find that the vivo X30 Pro’s grasp of color is also quite in place. Under the guarantee of real conditions, it brings eye-catching pictures, and the overall perception is quite outstanding.

Vivo X30 Pro Camera

On the basis of being able to shoot the scene clearly, many people also hope to capture more elements. For this reason, mobile phone manufacturers have added ultra-wide-angle lenses to the rear lens of the mobile phone. As the earliest manufacturer to introduce ultra-wide-angle lenses, vivo X30 Pro is naturally equip with a very high-quality ultra-wide-angle lens. With the blessing of this lens, the vivo X30 Pro completely records the scenery of the field; and the photos do not appear distortion that affects the look and feel; which satisfies everyone’s needs for taking pictures of all the scenery in one breath.


It is worth noting that the ultra-wide-angle lens can not only capture more things, but also capture more nuances. In vivo X30 Pro’s Super Macro mode, the details of the strawberry are fully display; and even the water stain and reflect light on the strawberry can be clearly seen in the photo. In addition, with the flagship AI capabilities of Samsung Exynos 980 chip; this phone clearly recognizes that the object being photograph is a fruit; which brings a more saturated hue and makes strawberries look more attractive.

Portrait lens

In addition to high-resolution and high-quality ultra-wide-angle lenses; the reason why the vivo X30 Pro is called a “professional image flagship” is largely; due to the 32-megapixel 50mm equivalent focal length portrait lens and periscope length in four-shot Focus lens. Under the blessing of a professional-level portrait lens, the photo has top-level blurring effects; the background blurring is sufficiently layer, and the subject color is also pleasing.

Based on the 5x periscope telephoto lens, vivo has equipped the vivo X30 Pro with a unique ultra-scoring algorithm; allowing this phone to achieve a maximum of 60x super zoom, bringing a unique vision. On this basis, vivo fully understands the needs of users, not only has prepared the Super Moon mode; which brings excellent moonscape shooting capabilities; but also supports third-party Apps such as Douyin to call the vivo X30 Pro ’s super zoom capabilities; allowing small video shooting More possibilities.

From the photos we can see that with the powerful shooting capabilities of the vivo X30 Pro; ordinary people can take amazing photos. In general, vivo X30 Pro is indeed the “professional image flagship” in the 5G era. Its top-level shooting capabilities make it already a high-quality choice for photography lovers. Vivo X30 Pro Specification

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