Vivo X30 Pro Price in USA
Vivo X30 Pro Price in USA

Vivo X30 Pro Price in USA & Specification: 60x Super Zoom + HSV Beauty

Vivo X30 Pro

I believe everyone is aware that with the continuous development of the new media industry; short videos have become the current development trend; so many people are learning photography technology to improve the quality of short videos. Therefore, many consumers pay great attention to the performance; of mobile phones in terms of imaging when they buy mobile phones. Looking at the recently launched mobile phones; Vivo X30 Pro has won the favor of many consumers with its excellent camera strength. The Vivo X30 Pro not only has a powerful camera configuration but also supports 60x superzoom and other functions; and has a very good performance in taking pictures. Friends who are interested in the camera performance of Vivo X30 Pro can take a look at them.

Vivo X30 Pro Camera

First of all, from the perspective of hardware, the Vivo X30 Pro is equipped with a perfect; the four-shot combination of 64 million high-definition main lenses; + 32 million pixel portrait lens + 13 million pixel periscope lens + 8 million pixels wide-angle macro lens. Let’s have a nice photo experience. At the same time, it also supports free switching of multifocal segments; which can meet our shooting needs in multiple scenes. For example, in our most common daytime scene, the performance of Vivo X30 Pro is very good. From the picture below, we can see that the overall picture quality of the photo is very clear; and the saturation and brightness are also well-controlled; the original appearance of the building can be well presented in front of the camera. Vivo X30 Pro Price in USA & Specification

Vivo X30 Pro camera result

60x Superzoom

In addition, the biggest highlight of Vivo X30 Pro is that it has a 60x superzoom function. Coupled with Vivo’s self-developed super-scoring algorithm, we can get detailed images in telephoto scenes. Not only that, the Super Moon mode is added to the Vivo X30 Pro. This mode can be said to apply the 60x superzoom to the extreme. The picture below is the moon-viewing picture taken with Vivo X30 Pro’s Super Moon mode.

From the set of pictures above, we can see the moon’s back and forth very clearly. When the focal length is 1 time, the moon is still very far away from us. But when the focal length is gradually changed from 10 times to 60 times, we can obviously feel this change. Even after zooming in to 60 times, the picture presented is still very clear and detailed.

HSV beauty algorithm restores advanced skin texture

In addition to the outstanding performance of the rear shooting; the performance of the Vivo X30 Pro in the front shooting is also worthy of attention. With the continuous change of everyone’s aesthetics, the excessive beauty effect of excessive dermabrasion has been gradually abandoned; replaced by real and advanced skin texture. In order to allow us to have such an experience; in taking pictures, Vivo X30 Pro adds a new HSV beauty algorithm. This powerful algorithm can intelligently adjust the skin tone to a more ideal state; showing the best skin condition of the photographer.


Vivo X30 Pro price in the USA is 708$ USD and it is launch on February 29, 2020. This variant is equip with 8GB Ram & 128GB Internal Storage. And is available in Light Blue, Peach, and Black Color.


In summary, I think the Vivo X30 Pro has a good performance both in terms of configuration and functionality. If you have a request for a photo function; I think this Vivo X30 Pro is a very worthy option for you to consider. After reading this article you know about Vivo X30 Pro price in USA & Specification.

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