Vivo S6 Specification
Vivo S6 Specification

Recently, Vivo has successively warmed up a new 5G machine Vivo S6 mobile with a smooth 5G experience; a super-strong night selfie, and a thin and light body. It hits young people’s needs. Following the official announcement of the real photo of the machine recently; the official released the warm-up information of the Vivo S6 and a new poster recently; finally confirming the release time and method of the machine. And according to the poster, the official hinted again The advantage of this machine in terms of selfies.

A few days ago, Vivo’s official Weibo released the preheating information of S6 again, saying, “Light up the night and light up you. At 19:30 on March 31, the S6 new product online conference will meet you beautifully.” From this official warm-up. After nearly half a month, I finally confirmed that the news that Vivo S6 will still be released online on March 31. According to the poster, the theme of “Light up the night and light you” also once again clearly stated that the machine will have a significant improvement in nighttime selfies.

Color Design

According to the current official information, the Vivo S6 will use a gradient color design. The rendering is based on the faint purple gradient effect of white, and the 3D curved glass body design makes the back of the Vivo S6 look Delicate and smart, the face value is quite high. In addition, the hyperboloid design used on the back of the aircraft makes the fuselage look more rounded. From this point of view, the grip of the aircraft will be quite excellent.

In addition, the machine will still place the sim card slot on the bottom frame of the fuselage; using a Type-C interface (as for whether the headphone jack will be retained at the top depends on subsequent official announcements); there is only one speaker at the bottom. But unfortunately, this time the official only exposed the lower half of the back of the machine; so what kind of rear camera module will Vivo S6 use? Equipped with several rear cameras? What kind of design will be used on the front, etc? But also Wait for the official release of further warm-up information.

Vivo S6 Specification

Vivo S6 is the first 5G mobile phone of the Vivo S series. The official trailer for the 5G baseband of the phone stated that it “refreshes the perception of fast; strong performance, dual-mode 5G”; which also implies that the Vivo S6 will be equipped with the network performance of dual-mode 5G processors cannot be underestimated. According to the copywriting, it is not difficult to guess that the Vivo S6 will be equipped with a dual-mode 5G chip. And the chip’s performance is strong. It is well known that Vivo has already experienced iterations of multiple generations of 5G products; so it is worth looking forward to the 5G network performance of the new Vivo S6 Specification.

Vivo S6 Night Selfie

In addition, the official also previously posted a Weibo saying that “the new S6 has a surprise at night with selfies. According to the pre-heating video, the official adopted a contrastive shooting method. And the cute “star sight” took a selfie with the Vivo S6 in a dim room. Although the brightness of the shooting pictures was severely insufficient at the beginning, the moment the shutter was pressed to take a picture, the entire room was instantly illuminated. nd the pupils and hair of the “Star Aimer” were captured clearly, suggesting that the Vivo S6 will be at night A major upgrade in selfies. And according to the official pre-heating video display, the pre-warning slogan of “Screen, selfies have surprises” displayed below the video shows that the Vivo S6 Specification is likely to be equipped with the selfie soft light on the Vivo X series.

selfie mobile phone 2020

In addition, according to the official announcement of the third pre-heating video and a hint text displayed below the video; “1g body, beyond imagination”. The official also hinted that the bodyweight of Vivo S6 will be controlled within 200g. And this weight is already a relatively light level in current smartphones.

As for the price, according to analysts, the aircraft is likely to continue the pricing strategy of the S series, maintaining between 2000-3000 yuan. From this point of view, this 5G fashion selfie mobile phone 2020 Vivo S6. This is designed to be suitable for young people, will have many highlights in terms of taking pictures, face value, performance, and feel. Therefore, interested friends will wait and see the official warm-up for Vivo S6 and the live broadcast conference on March 31!

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