Vivo iQOO neo 855 version
Vivo iQOO neo 855 version

Vivo shines again, Snapdragon 855 + 4500 mA + 128G, only 1998

For many people, when it comes to choosing a mobile phone, they still care about the cost-effectiveness of this phone. There may be many users who choose Xiaomi phones without hesitation. After all, Xiaomi’s price-performance ratio is very high, and some people even say that choosing Xiaomi products with closed eyes will not suffer. The main expression of this sentence should be the kindness of Xiaomi products. However, as far as mobile phones are concerned, the price-performance ratio of many domestic mobile phone brands has surpassed Xiaomi. After all, competition in the mobile phone market has never ended, and one of the more cost-effective brands is vivo. Vivo iQOO neo 855

iQOO neo 855

Seeing that there may be many people in the circle, after all, in many hearts, the price / performance ratio has nothing to do with vivo. You must know that vivo is an offline mobile phone giant. When Xiaomi fought a price war, vivo disapproved, and the offline market was very moist. From 2019, vivo seems to be conscious. Suddenly, it has an advantage in price. Last year, vivo’s sub-brand iQOO was born. This is a new Internet brand, which means that the birth of iQOO is to compete for Xiaomi’s market share. Under Huawei’s offensive, giants like vivo have been severely squeezed into their survival space, so vivo has to find a way to survive. Vivo iQOO neo 855

Vivo  smart phone

The birth of the very cost-effective iQOO has made up for the gap in vivo’s market. Today we are talking about the iQOO neo 855 version. I believe that users who know the mobile phone must know this phone. After all, this machine is currently one of the most cost-effective Snapdragon 855 models, and belongs to the flagship level in configuration. Let’s take a brief look at its configuration. The iQOO neo 855 version is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor. In fact, we can see by name that the processor on this machine is the Snapdragon 855. This will not be described too much.


We know that the flagship’s battery life is generally inferior to that of the thousand-yuan device, but the iQOO neo 855 version rewrites our perception of the flagship’s battery life. The machine has a built-in 4500mAh battery and supports up to 33W fast charge. It can be said that it is already relatively excellent in battery life. The large capacity and fast charging allow the iQOO neo 855 version to be more comfortable in battery life. In the minds of many consumers, a model with strong performance and long-lasting price is also needed. Vivo iQOO neo 855

As it happens, the iQOO neo 855 version satisfies everyone’s fantasies of mobile phones. There are three versions in the memory: 6G + 64G / 6G + 128G / 8G + 128G, of which the 6G + 128G version costs 1998 yuan. It can be said that it is the most cost-effective version. We can see from the performance of the iQOO neo 855 version that the pressure on vivo is still very great. Although the giants are still unable to compete with Huawei in terms of mobile phones. In particular, Huawei’s crazy offline market opening in recent years has to say that the impact on vivo is still great.

In today’s vivo, what is valued may not be profit, but to maintain its market share. Often the most terrible thing is not the decrease in profit, but the living space being squeezed by itself is still indifferent. It can be seen that vivo is struggling to make progress. Vivo iQOO neo 855

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