best gaming mobile phone
best gaming mobile phone

World premiere 144Hz + 16G memory! Red Devil 5G best gaming mobile phone 2020 strikes.

the best gaming mobile phone 2020

Today, after several rounds of breaking news and preheating, the Red Devils officially released its 144Hz refresh rate 5G gaming phone-Red Devils 5G. Let’s take a look at the first experience of the male anchor:

First of all, the Red Devils 5G design was officially announced. The post-modern web classic red and blue hit the color “Cyber ​​Neon”, “hack Black” represents the ultimate pursuit of mysterious power, and the bloody gorgeous “Mars Red” is available in three colors.

In terms of lighting effect design, the Red Devil 5G inherits the eyes of the red devil who can breathe, and at the same time, it will simplify the faith of the colorful light effect and become more restrained and refined.

In packaging design, different design styles are adopted, and 5 Red Magic 5G exclusive packaging Magic BOX are carefully designed, and these packaging will be shipped randomly.

In addition, in addition to the three colors of Cyber ​​Neon, Hack Black, and Mars Red announced above, the Red Devils also provide a special Red Devils 5G deuterium front transparent version, which can clearly see the internal design.

Display Size

The Red Devils 5G is equipped with a 6.65-inch OLED large screen, which can bring a wider field of view. The screen refresh rate has also brought upgrades. The Red Devils 5G is the world’s first 5G gaming phone with a 144Hz super competitive screen. The 144Hz screen refresh rate can refresh 144 pictures in one second, which is 20% faster than 120Hz and 61% faster than 90Hz.


At the same time, the Red Devils and Qualcomm have carried out in-depth optimization on the GPU to maximize the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform Adreno 650 GPU, bringing a smoother user experience.

In addition to games, the Red Magic 5G’s 144Hz screen refresh rate can also bring a better experience to other daily applications. At present, there are many popular APPs that support high frame rate mode.

gaming mobile phone 2020

In order to ensure that the frame rate is more stable during the game, the Red Devils also created the TC algorithm (in-game frame rate compensation technology) to ensure that the game does not drop frames.

In terms of game support, there are currently nearly a hundred games that support the 144Hz mode. At the same time, the Red Devils are also developing a high frame rate mode with a number of game manufacturers.

Eye Protection

In terms of eye protection for users, Red Magic 5G supports DC dimming and rejects high-frequency flashes. It has passed the TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and has a blessing of 144Hz super competitive screen.

Performance And Speed

In terms of heat dissipation, Red Magic 5G uses ICE3.0 three-dimensional multi-dimensional heat dissipation system, which is the industry’s only air-cooled + liquid-cooled active heat dissipation system. Equipped with the high-efficiency centrifugal fan inside, the rotation speed is up to 15000 rpm. The north-south air ducts are also designed to increase the ventilation volume by 30% and the heat dissipation area by 56%. The air duct bracket uses aerospace nano-grade materials with high thermal conductivity, which improves the thermal conductivity by 100%.

In addition to air cooling, Red Devils 5G also has a built-in large L-shaped liquid cooling tube, high thermal conductivity copper foil, thermally conductive adhesive, and multilayer thermal conductive graphite. There are 10 temperature sensors inside the fuselage, which can intelligently sense the temperature and dynamically adjust the cooling strategy to ensure that the phone maintains a continuous state.

Enter the endurance link. The Red Magic 5G series is equipped with a single large battery with a capacity of 4500mAh as standard, and the entire series is equipped with a 55W, 10A high-current air-cooled turbo fast charge. Through the cooling of the air, the low temperature and high power are sustained.

PPS protocol

The 55W charger supports the PPS protocol and is compatible with QC4.0 / PD 3.0, which can quickly charge most mobile phones and notebooks on the market that support this protocol. At the same time, the charging head is small in size, foldable, and easy to carry; the 5A fast charge data cable is equipped with an elbow design, which can be charged while playing without hindrance.

In addition, the Red Devils 5G also designed 7 DOCK points on the side. With the Red Devils 5G e-sports magic box, it can support three functions of charging, voice, and network cable at the same time. It is more convenient to play games on the horizontal screen.

Red Devils 5G Gaming Points

In terms of running performance, the Red Devils 5G Antutu ran 639856 points, and Master Lu ran 575341 points.

The Red Devils 5G the best gaming mobile phone 2020 also brings an innovative technology-Magic Write. This fast read-write optimization technology is transparent to application development, the application does not need to be modified, the written security is guaranteed, and it can guarantee lasting performance improvement. According to reports, this innovative technology has been patented.

Gamebench Certification

The Red Devils 5G has also obtained the official top certification from GameBench, an internationally recognized gaming performance certification body. The three games of Real Racing 3, Peace Elite and King of Glory, the Red Devils 5G have all obtained the “Ultra” highest-level certification from GameBench.

Red Devils 5G Camera

In terms of imaging systems. The Red Devils 5G is equipped with Sony ’s flagship 64 million IMX686 HD main camera, equipped with an 8 million wide-angle camera and a 2 million ultra-macro camera. The Red Devils 5G also created a dynamic slow gate “Linbo Microstep” shooting function and supports video stabilization.

Back to the experience. Red Magic 5G’s touch report rate is 240Hz, tracking response time is 14.9ms, sliding response time is 45ms, and click response time is 32.2ms. Adopted the world ’s only dual IC gaming touch shoulder key solution, the touch sampling rate reached 300Hz, and the fastest response speed was 3.3 milliseconds. At the same time, it also supports fingerprints under the light-sensitive screen and flash unlock.

In other respects, the Red Devils 5G the best gaming mobile phone 2020 is equipped with a set of dual ultra-linear speakers, which are adjusted by the sound algorithm and the blessing of DTS X Ultra certified sound effects. It also retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, has designed three game-specific mics and is equipped with a linear motor.

In terms of software systems, a new version of the Red magic OS Cyber ​​Edition has been introduced, with a younger and more stylish vision. In terms of game performance, display and sound effects, special adjustments have also been made for different types of games to bring a better gaming experience.

Red Magic 5G supports hardware HD projection screen and wireless HD projection screen. Red Devils 5G and its partner LeBao cast screen are optimized to solve the problem of Android screencasting and achieve low projection delay and high-definition picture quality.


At the same time, the press conference also brought the Red Devils’ ecological products. Red Magic 5G Gaming Box: Supports type C charging, 3.5mm wired headphones, and 100M network cable at the same time. Players hold the screen horizontally for a better gaming experience, priced at 199 yuan; Deuterium 20000mAh 45W PD two-way fast charge mobile power supply: large capacity, fast charging, can charge mobile phones and computers, priced at 299 yuan; 65W gallium nitride fast charge Device: 2 Type-C interfaces and 1 USB-A port, support 3 ports for simultaneous charging. Support PD fast charge protocol, can charge mobile phones and computers, priced at 169 yuan.

Red Devils 5G Price

Finally, the Red Devils 5G pricing was officially announced. Hacker Black, Mars Red, Network Neon Edition: 8GB 128GB sells for 3799 yuan, 12GB 128GB sells for 4099 yuan, 12GB 256GB sells for 4399 yuan, 16GB 256GB sells 4999 yuan; deuterium transparent version: 12GB 256GB sells for 4599 yuan, 16GB 256GB sells for 5199 yuan. The appointment is now open, and it will be officially sold at 10:00 on March 19.

So that was the best gaming mobile phone 2020. We hope you like it.

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