Samsung S20 Ultra
Samsung S20 Ultra

Samsung S20 Ultra Specification: At present, smartphones have carried more and more functions, such as the camera function that we used to rely on cameras to achieve, and now the phones have done quite well. Many people take the camera function as a key point to buy a mobile phone. The Huawei mobile phone in our domestic mobile phones is currently a mobile phone manufacturer that does a pretty good job of taking pictures and even ranks first on the ranking list. Samsung S20 Ultra detail is the following.

Samsung S20 Ultra

However, this does not mean that Huawei’s current camera capabilities can be comfortable enough. As a powerful competitor, Samsung’s camera capabilities cannot be underestimated, and it has been second only to Huawei in the camera rankings. Samsung S20 Ultra

Samsung S20 Ultra mobile phone has powerful camera capabilities

According to the exposure information of foreign technology bloggers, the clear exposure map of Samsung S20 Ultra mobile phone has been exposed. Most noticeable is the camera configuration of Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Samsung S20 Ultra. Let’s look at the clear picture together.

Samsung S20 Ultra Camera

As shown in the figure below, the Samsung S20 Ultra rear camera will be arranged using the Mahjong design, with a total of 4 cameras. As you can see in the logo below the camera, the SPACE ZOOM logo has appeared. This standard is a logo applied by Samsung for the superzoom camera. The 100X logo at the back means that this phone will achieve 100 times super zoom.

Samsung S20 Ultra Camera

With such a strong ability of Samsung S20 Ultra to take pictures with zoom, of course, from the side, it is inevitable that the camera part is slightly protruding, and a protective case will be used in daily use in the later stage. Samsung S20 Ultra Specification

There is another design point, as Samsung S20 Ultra’s latest flagship, abandoned the curved screen design on the screen design. At the moment when all domestic mobile phone flagships are struggling for the “waterfall screen” design, Samsung S20 Ultra has retired and abandoned the curved screen instead of a flat-screen.


According to the known exposure information, in terms of configuration, Samsung S20 Ultra will use Exynos 990 or Snapdragon 865 processor. It will undoubtedly support 5G networks. The screen will use a 6.7-inch WQHD + display with a screen resolution of 3200 × 1440. The screen refresh rate is 120Hz. The main thing to look forward to is the ability to take pictures. The 100x zoom camera of Samsung S20 Ultra will be a surprising improvement for mobile phone photography. Obviously, Samsung is targeting Huawei this time and will work hard to win the first place.

At present, the real picture of the Samsung S20 Ultra model has been exposed. Just like when we saw the iPhone 11 for the first time; with the huge protruding camera on the rear, the entire face is horrible, but I believe that if Samsung ’s performance is particularly powerful this time, even if the camera is ugly, it will be accepted. Samsung S20 Ultra Specification

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