Samsung Note9
Samsung Note9

Samsung Note9

Today, the situation of Samsung mobile phones in the domestic market is very optimistic. 2020 should be the most difficult year for Samsung mobile phones in the domestic market. If Samsung cannot open the 5G mobile phone market this year, Samsung mobile phones may compete with Sony, LG, etc. Like the brand, although strong, but not well-known. When 5G mobile phones have not yet been release on a large scale; major brands have maintained their market share through 4G mobile phone price reduction sales; but when many small partners consider Samsung S10 +, S10, note10 + because of ultra-low prices; there is also a Samsung clearance the flagship is ignore, it is Samsung note9. Samsung Note9 Specification and Price

Let’s first review the powerful configuration of Samsung note9. Although it is a product release in 2018, Samsung note9 still gives first-class screen technology.


It is equip with a 6.4-inch super AMOLED screen or a 2K curve screen; which not only displays the effect is excellent, and it has excellent visual impact. In terms of taking pictures, the Samsung Note9 is equip with a 1200w dual camera. With Samsung ’s exclusive camera algorithm, the Samsung Note9 can intelligently identify scenes, has more than 20 different photographic scenes and theme elements, and can also optimize the photos taken. Very practical.

Samsung Note9 display

Samsung note9 Processor

In terms of hardware configuration, the Samsung note9 is equip with the Snapdragon 845 processor. Some partners may think that its performance is not at the top level, and it is not easy to use. However, because of the 6 + 128 GB storage cooperation, many users who started Samsung note9 indicated. This phone is still stuck for several years; and its daily use is very smooth and very comfortable. In order to further improve the user experience,


Samsung note9 is also equip with a 4000 mAh large capacity battery, which has a very long battery life, equip with “Huawei port” charging, and also supports wireless charging technology. The overall battery life is not inferior to many Huawei mobile phones. Those who say that Samsung mobile phones have low battery life really should take a look at the Samsung note9 phone. Samsung Note9 Specification and Price

Samsung note9 Price

When Samsung note9 was release, the starting price of the National Bank version of Samsung note9 was as high as 995$ USD. And the price of 8 + 512 GB storage was as high as 1280$ USD, but even this kept the supply in short supply and the sales were very hot. However, Feng Shui has taken turns. Today’s Samsung is no longer the original Samsung. Due to the “explosion door” problem, Samsung ’s mobile phone sales have continued to decline. At present, the domestic market share is only about 1%. Samsung note9 is a mobile phone. It has also reached 595$ USD on third-party platforms. As a consumer, would you consider this phone? Samsung Note9 Specification and Price

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