Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Soon, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy S20. Z Flip becomes Samsung’s first foldable phone with a “foldable phone design.” Anyone who wants to know about buying colors in the future can get started.

Galaxy Z Flip color

There have been several rumors in recent months that Samsung will release the colors of the Galaxy Z Flip. Now that the February 11th press conference is really close, Samsung seems to have occupied a certain color range.

Colleagues from SamMobile learned that you can buy three “standard colors” of the Galaxy Z Flip. Moreover, there is a special version on the market. There are three standard colors coming gold, black, purple. In addition, the device version with a bold pattern is displayed. The Z Flip’s body is silver, but according to SamMobile, Samsung uses a “rugby” -like pattern.

It is unclear what the exact device model will be on the Dutch market first. The Galaxy Z Flip will also be available here for some time. The device won’t be cheap-think about it: about 1400 euros-guess. This makes the device potentially more expensive than the Galaxy S20 Ultra-we have finally seen the price of the Galaxy S20. It’s unclear whether the silver version will get the same price tag or only be sold at an additional price.

And further?

It can be expected that despite the advanced AMOLED folding screen, the Galaxy Z Flip does not include the latest hardware. From a tuned version of the US version of the Galaxy S10 processor to a camera with some limitations compared to the Galaxy S20, the device naturally has a basic problem. Because it is twice the size of a regular phone, less space is left in the case. This ensures, among other things, that the battery is more limited in capacity, preventing Samsung from filling the battery with devices that are full of energy-consuming features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip official picture shows foldable phone

We are counting down secretly. After the Galaxy S20’s picture, Samsung’s official picture of the Galaxy Z Flip appeared earlier. This is the first “new” folding phone for Koreans.

Galaxy Z Flip: Official Pictures:

Samsung is now distributing its new devices images as through the preparations for the Unpacked event on February 11. Then count down before counting down. We have seen pictures of the Galaxy S20 before, today is the Galaxy Z Flip.

WinFuture is usually the first company to publish the first set of images from a device. So, after several photos have surfaced before, we saw Samsung’s “other foldable products” for the first time. Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, is a phone that expands into a tablet. Galaxy Z Flip is a phone that folds to … A collapsed phone. Of course, we knew this idea a long time ago, but thanks to the folding screen, the device has a large continuous screen inside.

Edge Screen

We see Samsung forming distinct edges around the screen to protect the most vulnerable parts of the device. In addition: there are even protruding rubber corners to absorb the folding force. Obviously, there are important lessons learned from the first Galaxy Fold.


When folded open, the screen of Z Flip has a diagonal of 6.7 inches and an aspect ratio of 22: 9. This slim display has 2636 x 1080 pixels. On the outside there is a small screen with a 1-inch diagonal for short messages. The fingerprint scanner is on the side, not below the screen.

The device runs on an enhanced version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor 855+ with clock speeds up to 2.84 GHz. There will be 256GB storage and 8 GB of RAM. On the outside are two 12-megapixel cameras: a main lens and a wide-angle lens. The internal front camera is the same as the 10-megapixel camera we know from the Galaxy S10’s front camera.

The Galaxy Z Flip runs on the launch on Android 10 and Samsung’s One UI 2.0 interface. Galaxy Z Flip battery consists of the two parts, which together having a capacity of 3300 mAh. Earlier we were afraid that the total capacity might turn out to be very small, but that is not so bad. The phone supports 15 Watt fast charging, and can also be supplied with new energy wirelessly.

Galaxy Z Flip: price, release date

Earlier we already mention an expected suggest retail price for the Galaxy Z Flip of round about € 1400. Possibly that was a bit too careful – now a price is mentioned that is even around € 1500. That’s a lot of money, for specifications that are far less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra , which should not cost that much .

According to the expectation you can pre order the Galaxy Z Flip  by directly from 11 February onword. On reporting at least only a few days later the release date itself , on the 14th. At least, so the reporting. After launching you will than buy the Galaxy Z Flip in three colours purple, black and gold . A silver ‘special edition’ would also be in the pipeline, but we don’t see it yet.

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