Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in USA
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in USA

In this article, you will get detail about Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in USA & Specification having 5000mAh battery and also support 65w ultra-fast charger.


On February 12, 2020, Samsung released the first flagship product of the new year, the Galaxy S20 series. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, as a super flagship, has aroused heated discussions in the industry. In addition to the rear 108MP main camera + 48MP telephoto + 12MP ultra wide-angle + TOF four-camera combination, supporting 10x optical zoom and 100x Space Zoom digital zoom. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the best 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O screen with Quad HD + resolution and 511 PPI, Supports 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10 +.


For 2K and 120Hz, everyone is no stranger. The increase in resolution is very obvious to improve the look and feel of the screen. Under the same screen size, the higher the resolution, the larger the screen’s PPI value, and the more content display exquisite. Therefore, the content display of the 2K resolution screen will be more delicate and more comfortable than the 1080P screen. The refresh rate of 120Hz is twice that of the traditional smartphone display. However, it should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy S20 series does not support 2K resolution + 120 Hz refresh rate at the same time online, and the reason is naturally to ensure battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Processor

The latest news shows that Samsung is considering opening up the 2K + 120Hz limit mode. But considering the power consumption and other issues, Samsung is still optimizing this mode. If successful, it will be released within 1-3 months. So the question is, how much impact does 120Hz have on battery life? Recently, the internationally renowned technology website Phone Arena conducted a 120Hz vs 60Hz battery consumption test on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Please note that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery capacity tested in this test was 5000mAh; equipped with the Orion 990 processor, compared to Use your phone with optimized battery mode and 1080p screen resolution (120Hz is not currently supported) 1440p resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

Game Test

In order to truly reflect the endurance effect, Phone Arena chose six games for testing; and also tested it through web browsing and video browsing. The battery consumption test comparison results are as follows. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 60Hz battery exhaustion test results: 12 hours and 23 minutes; and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 120Hz battery discharge test: 10 hours and 2 minutes; Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: 11 hours and 37 minutes; Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: 10 hours and 33 Minutes; Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: 12 hours and 53 minutes

Test results show that if you switch to 120 Hz, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s battery score will decrease by 2 hours and 20 minutes; which means that when we switch to 120 Hz; its battery life will be reduced by nearly 20%, even if it is a Phone One of the longest-lived phones tested by Arena.

Like it or not, 120Hz power consumption is really “unparalleled”. If you add 2K power consumption, its battery life will shrink further. It is worth thinking about. Finally, we have to briefly talk about OPPO Find X2, because the basic lock of this phone will support 2K + 120Hz at the same time; although there is a 65W super flash charge, this is the charging speed. It does not seem to have much to do with battery life OPPO how to optimize it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra price in the USA is 1639$ USD and it is launch on March 11, 2020. This variant is equipped with 12GB Ram & 128GB Internal Storage. And is available in Light blue, peach, and Black Color.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in USA & Specification

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