Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20| Samsung should present its latest flagships in just a couple of weeks during the Unpack event; and although we already know quite a lot about the upcoming S20 lineup; we did not have many details about Galaxy S20 regarding its accessories. Fortunately, new leaks reveal more information about official phone cases.

Ishan Agarwal just tweeted the official Galaxy S20 protective cases. Although there may be more options than these, he shared photos of three different models, which are very similar to the S10 case. The first, it seems, is a thoughtful and durable protective case with an integrated stand at the back.
He also shared the visual effects of the Clear View flip cover with a window on the flap allowing the phone to display relevant information, such as time and notifications, even when it is closed. Although Samsung has been producing these cases for many years; it looks like they are switching to a different style; since the transparent window is now vertical and is located on the right side of the flap. Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

Finally, the manufacturer seems to continue the tradition of using LED covers; since Ishan has published renderings of Galaxy S20 the third case with LED lamps on the cover, which show the time when the phones screen is covered.

In general, these new cases of Galaxy S20 do not seem to bring anything revolutionary. It is true that the Clear View cover of Galaxy S20 has a new window style, but these cases are very similar to those we saw on the S10. There is only black and gray versions were shown on Twitter, but more colors may appear. We will learn more about all this in a few days. If you can’t wait to learn more about the S20, check out our newsletter, which covers everything we know about the device so far. Samsung Galaxy S20

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