Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specification
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specification

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specification

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series revealed again, two versions of different processors

Soon after Samsung ’s flagship model Samsung Galaxy S20 series was officially launched this year, news about the new generation of Note flagships coming in the second half of the year began to appear on the Internet.

Earlier news mentioned that the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Note20 may use under-screen camera technology to surprise users.

However, what appeared in the latest renderings is the screen design with a center hole, so this part of the content may need to wait for the new machine to be released before a more accurate understanding.

Now, the latest news mentions more information about Samsung Galaxy Note20.

Sources from the leaker Max Weinbach mentioned that there will be more than one Samsung Galaxy Note 20 coming this year, which is called Note 20 1 and Note 20 2.


At the same time, Note 20 2 will be equipp with the familiar Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, while Note 20 1 will be equipp with a different chip.

The foreign media report mentioned that this different chip refers to a new Exynos chip built on Extreme Ultraviolet technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design

In the user’s impression, Samsung’s S and Note series have always been equipp with different chips according to different markets. The breaking news does not seem to simply repeat the well-known scheme.

Therefore, the relevant speculation believes that the news seems to indicate that Samsung may launch movements equipped with different chip versions in the same market.

This means that in the future when choosing the same series of new machines, users will also have to consider different processors.

However, at present, this part of the content is limited to speculation, and the actual situation depends on whether there is any evidence to support the follow-up.

Galaxy Note 20 Storage

In addition, according to SamMobile, the standard version of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will only provide an optional version of 128GB.

However, this design may reduce the price. Judging from the pricing of the Galaxy S20 series this year, the possibility does not seem to be as great as mentioned in the news.

As one of the characteristics of the Note series, the new S Pen stylus will also bring an upgrade this time. It is reported that this time will bring a new feature called Project C, but the actual function has not yet been disclosed in more detail.

At present, there is still a short period of time before the official arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, and more specific news broke the news, we may wish to wait patiently.

So that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Specification. We hope you like it.

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