Samsung A90
Samsung A90

With the advent of the 5G era, the speed of mobile phone networks is getting faster and faster. 5G mobile phones are tens to hundreds of times faster than 4G mobile phones, and the highest transmission rate can reach 10Gbit / s. Among the first mobile phone brands to launch 5G mobile phones is Samsung, Samsung The S10 series has a 5G version, but it is not sold in China. With domestic mobile phone brands such as Huawei Xiaomi, 5G mobile phones have been successively launched, and Huawei 5G technology is more advanced. Therefore, this Samsung 5G mobile phone has begun to reduce prices. Samsung 5G Conscience, straight down 1400 + Snapdragon 855 + 4500mAh, 48 million triple camera + holographic 3D. Samsung A90 5G Specification

Today we come to understand a Samsung brand phone-Samsung A90. The Samsung A90 is the flagship of Samsung ’s 5G. It uses a 6.7-inch water drop full screen, a large field of view, and a gorgeous U video screen. It is known that Samsung screen production is very good. Many manufacturers choose Samsung, including Huawei Apple, and this Samsung mobile phone uses The Super Amoled screen can provide users with a large field of view, and the position of the screen fingerprint recognition sensor is very clever, hidden under the display screen, to avoid visual interference during the use of the user. The entire body is also ingenious. 3D holographic checkered design. Samsung A90 5G Specification

Samsung A90 Camera

In terms of configuration, the processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and built-in Snapdragon X50 baseband. Although it is the first generation of 5G technology, its performance is still very good. In terms of storage, the phone’s RAM capacity is 8G and ROM capacity is 128G, capable of storing 26,000 photos, no problem with 11,000 songs, equipped with four cameras, 48   million at the back and three cameras at the rear, the pixels of the rear three cameras are 48 million pixels, the main camera + 5 million pixels depth of field lens + 8 million Pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, the front camera is 32 million pixels, the ultra-wide-angle camera can see the beauty of nature at a glance, the field of vision is wider, and the picture content is richer.

Samsung A90 Camera

The black technology of the Samsung A90 mobile phone is in the aspect of camera. In addition to Samsung’s level of adjustment on the camera algorithm, the camera of this phone can be comparable to a sports professional camera, recording sports pictures, and ensuring the picture is clear and smooth, avoiding The picture quality is blurred and distorted. The battery life is also a strong one. The battery capacity is 4500mAh, which supports fast charge, large battery + fast charge, which brings better battery life to users, and changes Samsung’s cautious attitude in battery.

Design & Color

The advantage of the Samsung A90 is that the mobile phone is responsive, there is no flashback and other situations during use, strong battery life, continuous use of the mobile phone, the battery lasts for a day without problems, the mobile phone charges fast, the appearance is gorgeous, there are many colors to choose from, And equipped with headphones, film and mobile phone protective cover and other items, and 5G mobile phones, fast network speed, high-speed download of music novels and movies, the disadvantage is that the body is slightly thick and bulky, not very portable.

In terms of user evaluation, users who have used this phone are most satisfied with the camera function, the shooting effect is clear, and it can meet the production of many special effects videos. The picture effect during shooting is good, and it is clearer and more sensitive than other mobile phones. The endurance is also the best. The full screen allows the mobile phone screen to occupy a larger proportion, and allows the games and movies to be better displayed. However, some users report that some high-tech functions are not available, and you need to find out how to use them. Samsung A90 5G Specification


In terms of price, Samsung’s conscience. At present, the price of the Samsung A90 phone has dropped by 1400, starting at only 3099, which is 200 times cheaper than Huawei Honor V30. The price / performance ratio is very high, the configuration is better, and the screen has a large proportion and battery life. It is also good. The memory capacity can meet the current use and installation of software. For student parties and office workers, this phone is still worth buying. Well, Samsung 5G conscience, straight down 1400+ Snapdragon 855+ 4500mAh, 48 million triple camera + holographic 3D, what do you think?

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