Redmi mobiles
Redmi mobiles

Don’t buy Xiaomi mobile phones anymore, I only recommend these 3 models, high cost performance and strong configuration

Redmi can now be said to be a national brand, because it not only makes mobile phones; but also makes itself a “department store”. It can be said that it sells everything in Xiaomi Mall; and now it also has good results in the field of smart homes. However, for our ordinary consumers, Xiaomi mobile phones are still the most well-known; because it is not only of good quality, strong configuration, and excellent price-performance ratio. Many people ca n’t do without buying a mobile phone, but even if Xiaomi ’s mobile phone is so good; it ’s actually You can’t buy it randomly, because some models are not so suitable for our needs; so if you want to buy it, Xiaobian recommends the following three models. Redmi mobiles Specification and Price

Redmi K20Pro Exclusive Edition

Redmi K20Pro Exclusive Edition

Although it is said that the Redmi K30Pro is about to be released, before this; it is still the highest configuration in the Redmi mobile phone. This machine is equipped with the Snapdragon 855Plus processor and also uses UFS3.0 flash memory. In other aspects The difference between the previous generations is not great. For example, it still uses a true full-screen solution, the front camera is pop-up design;and it has a built-in 4000mAh battery and 27W fast charge. Of course, it has made great progress in terms of memory. This machine is now the most worthwhile Starting with the top version of 12 + 512G; this combination can be said to have been full of memory space for several years; and now its price is only around 2500 yuan. Redmi

Xiaomi CC9Pro

As we all know, Xiaomi CC series mainly looks and takes pictures. I believe this phone is no stranger to everyone. This phone is the first “100 million pixels” episode. The camera parameters are very high. The machine has a total of 5 rear lenses, supports 50 times digital zoom; and other camera functions, and has outstanding battery life. It has a built-in 5260mAh large battery and supports 30W fast charging. The performance is not far behind. It is a Snapdragon 730G processor with a 6.47-inch OLED water drop screen on the front. Generally speaking, this machine is suitable for users who like to take pictures. The current price of this machine is also around 2500 yuan. Redmi mobiles Specification and Price

Xiaomi 9Pro 5G Edition

It’s all 2020, there are definitely a lot of users who want to experience 5G networks; but the 5G mobile phone configurations on the market today are not very strong; and a large number of Snapdragon 865 flagships are still some time away from the real market; if it is really urgently needed If you change the phone, Xiaomi 9Pro 5G may be the best choice. It uses a 6.39-inch OLED water drop screen solution, supports screen fingerprints; is equipped with Snapdragon 855Plus processor, and the battery capacity is increased to 4000mAh. It supports 40W fast charging and 30W. Wireless charging has greatly improved battery life. For a 5G flagship, the current price of around 3,500 yuan is also acceptable. Redmi mobiles Specification and Price

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