Redmi K20 Vs Redmi K30
Redmi K20 Vs Redmi K30

Redmi K20 starts at 286$ USD and K30 4G is 228$ USD . Redmi K30 5G starts in 1999 and has been upgraded as follows. The processor upgrade, 765G and Kirin 810, G90t one grade, G90t will reduce frequency in some scenarios, battery capacity upgrades 4000-4500mAh, dual-mode 5G, support n41, n78 mainstream frequency band, mobile deployment n41, and n78, China Unicom, telecommunications main deployment n78.

The charging power is greatly improved. Xiaomi 9, Redmi K20 / Exclusive, Redmi k30 4G are the same 27w fast charge technology. The k30 5G and Xiaomi cc9Pro are the same 30w fast charging technology.


The Xiaomi Mi 9 is 3300mAh + 27w and the Xiaomi cc9Pro (5260mAh + 30w) is full of time. Compared with the k30 4G, the k30 5G has a huge improvement in charging, not to mention the comparison with the Redmi K20. Taking pictures has improved, but the focal length has decreased. From k20 telephoto to k30, it becomes a portrait, the focal length is reversed, and the camera module of Redmi note8Pro is used. However, the overall camera is considered to be improved. Note8Pro takes pictures of my k20Pro and Xiaomi 9Pro, and the k30 main camera has been replaced by Sony imx686.

K20 Vs K30 design

The screen is improved, making it more comfortable to use in dark environments. The k30 also has Xiaomi’s first 120hz screen. Reading scenarios such as Douban know that Weibo has improved significantly, and other applications are adapted. In terms of games, there are only a few games that can adapt to 120hz high refresh rate.

K20 Processor

The screen quality should be improved. If I remember correctly, the Redmi K20 has no dc dimming. Both k30 4G and k20 are single-channel ufs2.1, and the 5G version is upgraded to dual-channel ufs2.1. (The Snapdragon 730G only supports single-channel ufs2.1) The disadvantage is that the screen becomes more digging, and the chin widening contrasts with the Redmi K20.

I don’t like the design of the back slot machine. Some people say that the 120hz refresh rate is useless. I remember when Xiaomi 9Pro (60hz) was besieged by three 90hz brothers (Reno ace, OnePlus 7T, realme x2Pro), the public opinion was not the same. The significance of k30 is that he is a sign, telling everyone that we will have a large number of mobile phones that support 120hz high refresh rate screens, and even increase the touch sampling rate. At the same time, we will also have a large number of 5G mobile phones in the future, with sufficient power + charging power + excellent power consumption control to gain a foothold. Redmi K20

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