Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping
Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping

The Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping and how to avoid an online scam is following.

Fraud risk, complicated procedures, misleading practices and delays in shipping have put a damper on optimism of e-commerce.

In Pakistan internet users have been selling and buying products from the day of online business start. But in the last few years all over the world, the consumer habits of online shopping have been transformed and businesses are revolutionized.

Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping

According to the status of State Bank of Pakistan, in 2018 the 93.7% growth of e-commerce industries in Pakistan has been recorded.

The local and international e-commerce merchant’s sales reached Rs 40 billion almost. This news is good.

However, at the place, we celebrate, reducing carbon emission, reducing retailer rental costs, provide them cheap and fast transactions as online marketplaces favorable byproducts. Fraud risk, complicated procedures, misleading practices and delays in shipping have put a damper on optimism of e-commerce.

Drawbacks & wins

In Pakistan, from the last few years, online business dynamics have been changed. Now a day we can easily asses and start our business online marketplaces with

  • proper systems of payments in place
  • Made as many as solutions to starts online store that should be affordable and
  • the service provider help to start an online business

So only not those, the users having no knowledge about online business and online marketing and having not strong online profiles are growing now a day.

Today on online stores have transparency semblance and are now personalized more. As compared with other stores in the past, e-stores reachable more now a day than past; now behind online stores operating people are known, and having their offices are publically and have knowledge of people well and for their business press conferences are organized.

But between sellers and buyers mistrust also exists due to the carelessness of the entire product, price misleading and collapsing of other online services.

To gain sizeable business profit the investors’ companies invest plenty of money but due to poor campaigns counter they fail and there company reputation and also e-commerce reputation as a whole are damage.

Misleading of common practices

These are some Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping online.

1. Product listing inaccurate

Shopping starts from the proper search results and from going through products in a category. The idea to find fast the required item, but the fact is that there is nothing cumbersome more than getting unrelated products completely in the resulting list. In the world among video makers, gimbals are more popular.

 During an event, a photographer approaches me to know the gimbal price that I was using. But that was a simple mini tripod that I was using (in screenshots what is exactly shown). I asked him why he calls my tripod a gimbal. I have done a simple search on daraz by following up with his reply I get what thing mislead him. In that search, three are actually gimbals out of 16 items.

Here what we have here is the detail of the product item. The two different pictures are showing different things but which one buyer will purchase.

2. Detail not enough

Without product examining and human interaction there the only way to learn about the product are the corresponding description and picture of that product. To find the seller the international stores are paying attention to the presentation of the product insist. In our local stores, the specification and description are provided hardly. Sometimes the top proclaimed stores in the world do not provide shots of the product properly.

Of course, before buying a fitness tracker we need to know about it is comfortable, trendy, leather and black or not.

3. Careless writing content

A very common issue is that to cut the workload, duplicate information of similar products is common. This is the main issue that misleads and makes customers confused.

 Here presenting a smartphone lens that can use as a tripod.

When there comes to sell a product there should be the use of proper definition and use of the right words to describe that product. During describing the product the wrong terms not only mislead buyers but also make the look of that store bad, the return back increases and also back charges. At that time there are chances of legal trouble.

4. No product knowledge and it’s market

The key to delivering quality products to the buyers those are looking for is that to keep in view the market changes.  Now a day the vendors nowhere take cheap and off trading products that make the host website down with them.

In Pakistan a few years ago during the peak of the heatwave, a mini AC was introduced to beat the heat on Yayvo that was driven on battery and was affordable Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping. Before the item was assigned a different title that is within a day’s it was sold in hundreds. This device was not as it was advertised initially.

This mini AC was made to keep the room cool but the description given about it was not clear enough.  The site advertised of that product advertises that as it is something bigger and more special than other cooling devices.  It was small in size in reality and could only bear to push air to table distance. To put two or three cubes of ice in this cooler there was a tray. Initially, it was sold in Rs 3000 but in local shops, it is available in only Rs 500.

It is surprising that it was sold without knowing its detail. But the correct title was listed again after a few days.

5. No management of stock

Without giving the position of selling products causes many problems like order cancellation, delay in delivery and many more.

So naturally, the unhappy buyers at this time prefer to buy from others such as real shops or from the market directly.

6. Replicas and defective items

Replicas against the original luxury product full price are sent. The poorly made replicas of cloth of brands that are made from very cheap fabric are common now a day. So as users receive damage and faulty product from online so mostly user directly buys from the real market and from companies’ vendors.

 The recurring and unfortunate problem is that the users get damaged, defective and faulty product and replicas with polices of long time return.

Peoples buy costly things like jewelry, wristwatches and luxury gift items but at replicas time they send to users cheap and poor quality items.

The most common thing in clothing items is that the sellers do not show the original pictures of products as this term show “Product Listing Misleading”.

7. Issues of delivery

At the time of delivery there often found that the delivery guys firstly collect money and at that time not offer the buyer to open the delivery item before paying money. So at some time buyers get faulty or damage items.

According to guys of delivery, it is a company rule that to get the money first and then to give the item to the buyer and not to open before getting money.

8. Other e-stores defaming

On social media sudden complaints about a specific online store is a sign of a bad impression of that store. And this bad impression makes the users doubtful about this store and not only effect on e-commerce culture but also harm the targeted store.

The supposed users and companies of digital marketing should need to look at the larger picture and on such false campaigns by taking responsibility they say nothing and do not be part of them.

9. Fake discounts and Overpricing

All online stores are not fake those give false discounts during events of mega sell.

High pricing and increasing small discounts, while keeping prices above the original price, is another decades-old practice that, sadly, has entered the digital market.

Here, the 700D camera priced at Rs 55,000 is priced and is selling at Rs 58,000, with a reported discount of ‘17%.

10. Give Fake Reviews

Reviews in e-shops should have been a true way of knowing about a service, product, or supplier, but are often plagued by false positive reviews. Negative reviews have never even been posted on the websites of many stores, and users should leave feedback, and buyers must look at their purchases in that section, for better or worse. Electronic store review systems should be assigned symbols to separate purchaser reviews from general feedback.

Such a review system will discourage dishonest vendors and can facilitate skilled sellers to grow and reach shopper numbers they are.

11. System of reporting

It is not possible by a human to keep an eye on the massive online store vendors and on every product item. A system of reviews is the best option and it works better to get the report of the product by consumers.

To identify the faulty items, suspicious vendors and many other important problems that need serious actions have the only the best way of the report system and this is an effective method. Of course in this accountability process, monitoring reports by dedicated staff is critical.

12. Sales Services

Which one can ignore the importance of sales services? And in this regard, the online business is not different. In fact, it has more value because customers will order items that have not been inspected in person.  We have noted many times that the returning process of faulty products took a long time that is not good and the process of getting back money is also is not good and painful.

And by checking double the items by vendors before dispatch they can be used to reduce these complications.

How to fix them? Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping

If a buyer leaves unhappy not mean of loss of one customer. It means one unhappy customer can reduce the sell-by stopping hundreds of customers and business can be multiplied by one happy buyer.

It does not mean that do all online stores in Pakistan have the same problems that are mentioned above. Some have more space to make improvements than others and some are working well in his job Reasons Pakistani Avoid Shopping.

To make the foundation of e-commerce stronger it is the responsibility of all of them at this stage before they get the largest title.

Finally, in the end, I would like to add that there in the market some online stores in the market that constantly discuss their professional methods. Products presentation includes important detail and pictures on ALLMyTech and HomeShopping have better outperformance than advertising and electronics stores.

Some suggested points are following that can be valuable in reducing the threats discussed in our culture of e-commerce.

  • Provide appropriate training to the vendors and writers of content to show products properly.
  • Improve the product reviews in the in-store system.
  • Improve buyer services and sales services.
  • Allow the customers to report directly to relevant management about their sellers easily.
  • Take important measures against incompetent suppliers.
  • There need to take strict actions against fraudulent sellers in cybercrime and affected customers should deal on a priority base.
  • With other stores maintain good communication, and about guilty sellers share information and should give information to the public to discourage other sellers.

So these are the Reasons why Pakistani Avoid Shopping online.

We hope you like it.

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Are you agreeing with us? What Pakistani online web store you have visited? What kind of improvements do you want in Pakistani Online web stores?

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