Realme X50m Specification & Price
Realme X50m Specification & Price

Realme has another 5G mobile phone, X50m, struck today with a layout of $282 USD or 2,000 yuan, which is more cost-effective with Realme X50m Specification & Price.

Realme X50m Specification & Price

The Realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, brings a new 5G product-“5G Universal Mobile Phone” Realme X50m, which is the industry’s first mass storage 5G mobile phone within $282 USD or 2,000 yuan, marking the “5G pioneer popularizer” Realme The “full 5G” layout goes one step further.

As a 5G mobile phone for all people, the true X50m has an outstanding design. And a powerful performance. I believe it will also be loved by Realme fans.

Adhering to the brand concept of “dare to leapfrog”, as a “5G pioneer popularizer”, Realme launched the true self X50m, leading the popularization of 5G and price probing, further layout from the national product within $282 USD or 2000 yuan to the full-scale 5G of a high-end flagship, accelerating the 5G era universal Iterative process.

At the same time, Realme announced a formal strategic layout to enter the offline market and improve the online and offline multi-channel sales model. The sales of the real X50m will cover 6,000 stores, consumers can directly enter the store to experience the real machine, buy the first time, and feel excellent product experience.

This time, Realme and China Mobile, the real X50m will land in major mobile business offices across the country, reach the end consumers in multiple scenarios, accelerate 5G popularization, help 5G sink, and everything will only bring users a better 5G experience.

The first 5G mobile phone for young people

As the first 5G mobile phone for young people, the True realme X50m supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G full Netcom, covering the six mainstream frequency bands of n1, n3, n41, n77, n78 and n79, and supporting dual card dual standby and 4G + 5G At the same time online, so that users have a better 5G experience.

Realme X50m

5G for all is born for fast. The realme X50m is equipp with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip, with two large storage combinations of 6 + 128 and 8 + 128, which fully meets the user’s high demand for product performance; the entire system is equipp with a 6.57-inch 120Hz refresh rate. Full-hole screen, the screen ratio is 90.4%, which is twice the refresh rate compared to the ordinary screen, and the operating experience is smoother; the 4200 mAh large battery, with the new 30W Dart, flash charge, supports bright screen charging, which can be charged to 70% in 30 minutes. It will fill within 1 hour and return to blood at a faster speed. Support copper tube heat dissipation 3.0, five-dimensional ice seal heat dissipation. Using hidden side fingerprint recognition, support multi-function NFC.

Realme X50m 5G Galaxy

As the appearance of Realme mobile phones is very trendy. The true self X50m has two colors of “starry sky” and “galaxy”, with the “comet pattern” like a meteor piercing the black sky, showing the human imagination of the distant universe.

Realme X50m 5G starry sky

In terms of audio-visual experience, the realme X50m front 16 million ultra-clear main cameras, plus 2 million pixel portrait blur lens, rear 48 million pixels ultra-clear main camera, 8 million super wide-angle lens four-camera combination, support 4cm super close macro The lens, black and white portrait lens, supports 4K video shooting and super video anti-shake function, and the front and rear six shots make the shooting experience more interesting. The realme X50m is equipp with 1216 ultra-linear speakers. The sound quality is loud and excellent, which comprehensively improves the user experience.

Surprise price accelerates the popularization of 5G for all people and more than 30 days of long replacement

In order to bring better service to consumers, from April 29, 2020, all Realme mobile phone users, regardless of model, as long as the purchase time is within 30 days, can enjoy a 30-day long replacement period, excellent to industry standards.


At the same time, Realme officially announced; that the Realme X50m will be available online and offline simultaneously from April 29. The 6 + 128 version price is $282 USD or 1999 yuan. It will be the first to be sold on the Realme official website. Experience and purchase in the business hall; the 8 + 128 version price is $324 USD or 2299 yuan.

As a 5G pioneer popularizer, Realme further perfected the overall 5G layout with its “surprise” leapfrog strength. Realme joins hands with China Mobile to provide users with a full range of product experience. And after-sales service through multi-channel model construction and multi-scenario reach; accelerate 5G popularization, and bring more worthy 5G products to Chinese consumers.

So that was the Realme X50m Specification & Price. We hope you will like it.

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