Realme X50 Pro
Realme X50 Pro

The Realme X50 Pro having six camera parameters announced before and after the first proofs debut another night vision device. Realme X50 Pro Specification

realme X50 Pro Release Date

As the global new product launch conference on February 24th announced by realme is getting closer, the warm-up of realme executives on all aspects of the configuration of the X50 Pro is becoming more and more detailed and frequent. Recently, following the official exposure of the news that the machine will be equipped with 64 megapixels and six cameras, Xu Qi, vice president of realme and global marketing president, immediately exposed the camera’s photo proofs for the first time. From the comparison of proofs, it can be said that realme X50 Pro can be called a night vision + telescope artifact. A few days ago, the official even preheated the camera’s front camera again, confirming that it will be equipped with a front wide-angle dual camera, so that all six cameras of the machine can be said to have been announced. According to the current warm-up news, the realme X50 Pro’s improvement in taking pictures is also quite obvious. On the whole, the X50 Pro is worth looking forward to in terms of performance, battery life, and front and rear photos.

Realme X50 Pro specification

Front Camera

A few days ago, the Realme official blog released a warm-up poster again, saying; “The front dual wide-angle is the true flagship! Realme 5G racing flagship X50 Pro #, the front ultra-breaking breakthrough; 32 million dual wide-angle lens, the view shows the face Small, multi-person selfies can easily enter the mirror. 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens + UIS Max Super Video Stabilization, larger format, wider vision, more stable and clearer front-end video shooting. In addition to the official statement copy; although Weibo This proactive pre-heating poster released together also confirms that the machine will; use a dual-camera design with a front punch screen. Realme X50 Pro Specification

After the Spring Festival, the mobile phone market has become lively again. Manufacturers of different brands have systematically deployed their new 5G phones. Consumers who are watching the mobile phone market in 2019 are blessed. Because compared with the mobile phones of 2019; the mobile phones of 2020 are not only as simple as upgrading 5G; but also have made great progress in screen imaging and other aspects. For example, the recently warmed-up realme X50 Pro is the case. This morning, the official exposure of this dual-mode 5G mobile phone was taken at night.

In addition, according to Realme ’s social media director on Weibo, the X50 Pro; ’s front dual camera has an 8-megapixel super wide-angle lens in addition to a 32-megapixel main camera. Coupled with the rear 64 million four-shot lens is six shots. In terms of the camera system, the realme X50 Pro can be said to be very sufficient.

realme X50 Pro main Camera

In fact, previously, Xu Qi, vice president of realme, president of global marketing, and Wang Wei; vice president of realme and president of global product line; also analyzed the image configuration of the realme X50 Pro in Weibo. The rear camera uses a 64 million main camera + 12 million telephotos + 8 million super wide-angle; + portrait, and the front is a 32 million main camera + 8 million wide-angle camera combination.

Super Night Scene

At the same time; Wang Wei also sent a Weibo to explain the optimization of the realme X50 Pro in terms of night scenes. It said that the machine will be equipped with Super Night Scene 3.0 and extremely dark night scene mode. With the 6400W rear four cameras, you can shoot amazing night scene imaging in the proofs. At the same time, the realme X50 Pro can also achieve 20 times hybrid zoom, UIS Max super video stabilization, ultra-wide-angle video, portrait blur video and other experiences. The front is a 32 million main camera + 8 million wide-angle camera combination, which can also achieve more gameplay in selfies.

Super AMOLED screen

And according to another official announcement of the poster, in addition to the aircraft has a considerable screen ratio, the X50 Pro screen also has a considerable improvement, it will be equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate Super AMOLED screen. Whether you use Weibo, slide the screen or play games, you can enjoy a smoother experience than 60Hz. At the same time, realme also added E3 light-emitting materials this time, effectively reducing blue light and power consumption, supporting HDR 10+ official certification, effectively reducing mobile phone screen damage to eyes.

ultra-wide-angle video

As for the functions of UIS Max video stabilization, ultra-wide-angle video, and portrait blur video, it also meets the needs of users for short video creation in the 5G era. In addition, for the extremely dark night scene mode, Xu Qi also displayed intuitively through actual proofs. The realme X50 Pro photo proofs announced by Xu Qi are also the first time that the machine has announced the proofs, and Xu Qi is on Weibo.

According to the contrast proof of whether the “extreme dark night scene mode” is turned on, in the almost dark scene, although the “very dark night scene mode” of the realme X50 Pro is not turned on, the imaging effect of the night scene still has good results. And the extremely dark night scene mode, the original still life with only outlines is clear, at the same time, the color of the sky is also very hierarchical, there is no problem of overexposure, and the details of the plants can be clearly identified. As Wang Wei said, Super Night Scene 3.0 can completely take clearer and brighter pictures even in low light conditions.

Charging Power

It is also worth mentioning the new flash charging technology. The realme X50 Pro series is equipped with the industry’s highest power 65W super flash charging + GaN (gallium nitride) adapter as standard. Is currently the fastest charging 5G flagship. This can also very well deal with the new power consumption problem brought by the high speed of 5G. In addition, Realme’s great trick “Flash while playing” can also be applied here, “return blood” for users at any time! Realme really, I also have a standard GaN (gallium nitride) adapter in the whole system; which is more conscience than the power of the Mi 10 standard castration; standard charger and the need to purchase a GaN charger separately.

realme X50 Pro Processor

According to the official information, the realme X50 Pro is equip; with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G network; which can cover mainstream frequency bands such as n1 / n41 / n78 / n79; the entire series is equip with 65W super flash charge, which can Quickly recharge the phone’s battery; use 90Hz Samsung Super AMOLED screen, “exquisite quality”, operate “clouds and flowing water”; has 6 cameras, dual 32MP front camera; supports 105 ° super wide-angle shooting + UIS Max super video Anti-shake, 64-megapixel rear camera, support 20x hybrid zoom.

As for what information will be announced at the realme X50 Pro; online conference on February 24, friends still wait and see! Realme X50 Pro Specification

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