Realme X2 Pro
Realme X2 Pro


Realme X2 Pro Review who dare to leapfrog finally arrived at this step, from the development of a thousand yuan machine; to the development of an entry-level product line; now, the flagship product that finally filled the last vacancy has finally arrived. The release of realme X2 Pro, as the first flagship product of realme, can be described in all aspects without regrets.

Just as its Pro title, there will be a slight upgrade compared to the Realme X2 Pro Review, but from the results, this upgrade seems particularly aggressive. Unlike those machines that only mark Pro on a certain parameter such as SOC, photography, screen, etc., Realme Pro is a comprehensive upgrade.


In this article, you will get detail about the following things

  1. Display
  2. Hardware
  3. Appearance
  4. Performance
  5. Camera
  6. Battery
  7. Experience
  8. Conclusion

Realme X2 Pro Review Display

Realme X2 Pro

The screen is directly upgraded to a fluid screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz; the CPU uses the latest Snapdragon 855+; the original four-shot photography is not fun, if you want to play, you really have 64 million zoom four-shot; charging 30W is not enough, you need to use 50W Super VOOC. Even the details of the vibration motor can not be ignored, Tactile linear motors, Dolby stereo dual speakers, liquid cooling one.

Realme X2 Pro Hardware

From a hardware point of view, realme X2 Pro can be said to be a flagship, but as a flagship machine, not only the hardware configuration can reach the flagship level, the corresponding software ecosystem is also qualified. I will use the real machine today to evaluate all aspects of the realme X2 Pro in detail. The following is a detailed evaluation.

Realme X2 Pro Appearance

The familiar packaging, as always, the realme style, clearly and clearly marked the brand, model and machine renderings, creating a recognition that belongs to realme.

Realme X2 Pro

The front of the Realme X2 Pro Review uses a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED waterdrop screen with a screen ratio of up to 91.7%. In addition, he has a refresh rate of 90Hz and a touch sampling rate of 135Hz to ensure smooth screen and control. He also supports HDR10 +, low-brightness DC dimming, ultra-clear visual effects, and other features.

On the back, the camera is arranged vertically in the center. In addition, similar to the realme X2, the Pro version also uses a double-sided glass design, and the back shell uses 5th generation gorilla glass, which is more sturdy. 3D glass design with high saturation curvature, four-curved hot bending process brings elegant curves and better grip.

Unboxing video

Details of the four-shot lens. The main camera of the Pro version still uses the GW1 as a sensor, with a double telephoto lens, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a portrait lens.

The back LOGO is placed horizontally to the right below the camera sequence, which is very similar to the design language of the Realme X Master Edition.

Pro version of the water drop details, you can see the handset and the 16-megapixel front camera.

The frame at the chin is only 3.65mm, which can be described as the frame level of the flagship machine.

The Pro version still retains the 3.5mm headphone jack. In addition, it also uses a dual-speaker design. With Dolby sound effects, it can provide more three-dimensional and vivid sound effects.

Compared with the realme X2, the size of the Pro version is almost unchanged, but due to the use of a metal middle frame, it weighs about 10g. However, the metal middle frame can enhance the overall structural strength of the fuselage, and this weight is acceptable. Within range.


Realme X2 Pro Review is equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship processor, adopts Kryo eight-core architecture, GPU part uses Adreno 640, compared to Snapdragon 855, CPU single-line performance is increased by 5%, GPU performance is increased by 15%; Snapdragon Elite Gaming game acceleration is supported Engine and Quad HD + game quality engine to enhance the gaming experience in all directions. It also has an AI processing chip 3 times faster than the previous generation and intelligently dispatches all cores.

In addition, the 64G version of the Pro version will continue to use UFS 2.1 flash memory, while the 128G / 256G version has been upgraded to UFS 3.0 flash memory to provide faster read and write speeds. The realme X2 Pro in my hand is a 12 + 256G version and uses UFS 3.0 flash memory.

Next, we will comprehensively evaluate the performance of realme X2 Pro Review through running software evaluation and actual game experience.

1.Software test

In order to further quantify the strength of mobile phone performance, we use evaluation software to judge the strength based on the score.

2.Performance test

Comprehensive performance test, the author’s realme X2 Pro has a   score of 433,457 points, ranking fifth, and among the top flagships using Snapdragon 855+.

Realme X2 Pro Geekbench

X2 Pro Geekbench

Geekbench 4 is a cross-platform processor performance evaluation software that can accurately evaluate the CPU’s single-core performance, multi-core performance, and daily usage load. You can also evaluate the computing power of the GPU.

The Snapdragon 855+ has a single-core performance score of 3591 and a multi-core performance score of 10298, which are at the leading level and meet the strength of a flagship CPU.

Realme X2 Pro AndroBench

X2 Pro AndroBench

AndroBench is a benchmark application that measures the continuous read and writes performance and 4K random storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.

Compared with UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0 has a huge improvement in continuous read and write performance. The continuous read and write speed has doubled directly. The random read and write speed has been significantly improved. It has also significantly improved the loading speed when daily software is used.

Game test

We have selected a few of the more popular games, and at the same time have higher requirements for mobile phone hardware configuration and frame number when playing. Record the changes in the number of frames in the game to evaluate the performance of realme X2 Pro games.

1.King of Glory

“Glory of the King” is a mobile phone game. In this test, we set the picture quality to super high, turn on character strokes and high frame rate mode, play a game and record the frame number change.

2.Peace Elite

“Peace Elite” is a mobile phone shooting game. As a multiplayer shooting game, there are extremely high requirements for the number of frames. In this test, we set the picture quality to HDR, play a game and record the changes in the number of frames.

3.Collapse III

“Brash” is an action game. The unique painting style also has a lot of hardware pressure when the picture quality is fully open. At the same time, action games require high frames to ensure a smooth combo. We set the picture quality to HD, play a game and record frame changes.

Through the testing of several games, we can find that the realme X2 Pro with Snapdragon 855+ blessing can be easily used for these popular large mobile games. With the full effect, the frame number is also stable at about 60 frames. There is no great fluctuation in the number of frames during the game.

On the basis of high frame numbers, the 90Hz screen and 135Hz touch sampling rate also bring a smooth experience to the game process. You can also feel the increase in loading speed with the high-speed reading of USF 3.0.

At the press conference, the official also announced the cooperation with game manufacturers for the 90Hz ultra-high frame rate refresh mode support. The 60-frame ultra-high frame mode realme X2 Pro has been very easy. After the 90-frame mode is turned on, it goes without saying.

Realme X2 Pro Review Camera

X2 Pro Review Camera

The four-camera solution used by realme X2 Pro this time is a 64-megapixel main camera lens, Samsung GW1, a 13-megapixel 115 ° wide-angle lens, a 13-megapixel 2X telephoto lens, and a portrait lens combination.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung GW1 sensor used in the main camera is used on many popular models. It has a large area of ​​CMOS plus a hardware advantage of high pixels and four-in-one pixels, which can retain more details and meanwhile You can also use the pixel quad to increase the pixel size to improve the imaging quality in low light, and then use AI scene processing, the imaging quality is worth looking forward to.

Photo sample

 X2 Pro photo sample

During use, the switching of the three lenses is very smooth and smooth, and the wide-angle lens can provide a larger angle of view, and more scenery will be included. When the magnification reaches 2 times, it will switch to a telephoto lens, and the next 5 times will zoom.

We can see that even after zooming in, the picture is still pure and no noise appears. This is the result of the combination of the quality of the lens itself and the AI ​​algorithm.

Photo sample

X2 Pro

The main camera of the Realme X2 Pro has a large focusing distance, so it can achieve excellent blurring effects in macro shooting, let alone a telephoto lens. When shooting at a closer distance, the wide-angle lens assumes the function of a macro lens, which can achieve the closest macro shooting of 2.5cm.

In the daytime proofs, the quality of the lens is more tested in most scenes. The lighting conditions are sufficient to take good photos. But at night, the algorithm is particularly important in various light glare and low light environments. Let’s take a look at a few samples.

Due to the existence of AI scene recognition, when shooting night scenes, the default mode will be optimized for night scenes. The author can obviously feel the process of multiple photos when using it. We can see the overall purity of the film in the default mode. Shading itself has a good effect.

The Super Night Scene mode is more like enhancement and supplement to the default AI night scene.

Through the comparison of the swatches, we can find that the Super Night Scene mode has adjusted the colors, adjusted the lights and ambient light to warm colors and brightened them appropriately. The whole picture is very pleasing to the eye.

The dark parts have also been enhanced, and the brightness can be appropriately increased in places where details are not visible so that their shapes and textures can be identified.

Photo sample

X2 Pro night photo sample

Like the glare problem at night, although the AI ​​night scene in the default mode is targeted, the effect is average. You can refer to the street lights in the last group of samples. After turning on Super Night Scene, the glare phenomenon can also be resolved after the stacking of more photos.

Finally, let’s talk about the super image stabilization of realme X2 Pro. In thousands of works, we have seen the power of 64 million pixels combined with electronic image stabilization. Due to the huge frame bonus brought by high resolution, the electronic image stabilization that needs to be cropped to achieve the best results can exert its powerful strength. The Pro version is also equipped with the combination of optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, making it easy to shoot vlogs is not a dream.

Realme X2 Pro Review Battery

The realme X2 Pro is equipped with a 50W SuperVOOC flash charge. The official promotion can be filled with a 4000mAh large battery in 35 minutes. The author did feel the power of the SuperVOOC flash charge during the test, and the power increased at a rate visible to the naked eye. Do n’t worry about reducing power or heating even when you are charging.

1.SuperVOOC fast charge test

After I use the power to 10%, plug in the power and start charging, and record the change of power every 10 minutes.

It can be seen that after only 10 minutes, the power has increased by 40% to 50.13%.

After 22 minutes of charging, the power is 90%.

The trickle charge phase lasts 7 minutes and the charge reaches 100%.

It took 29 minutes to charge in total, and the power went from 10% to 100%. It can be seen that it is consistent with the official publicity. The SuperVOOC flash charge with power up to 50W can fully charge the battery in 35 minutes. According to the charging curve, the 50W Super Flash Charge maintains extremely high charging power from start to finish, and it is no wonder that it is so fast.

2.Video endurance test

I used bilibil software for video playback test. Set the brightness to 70% and the volume to 30%. Wear headphones to play the video.

After one hour of playback, the battery power became 88% and the power consumption was 12%. We can estimate that the video life of realme X2 Pro is about 8.3 hours. But with 50W SuperVOOC fast charging capacity is not a problem at all.


Realme X2 Pro has made many efforts to improve the user experience. Whether it is a 90Hz refresh rate fluid screen that supports HDR10 +, or a stereo dual speaker equipped with Dolby sound, or a linear motor that can provide a mechanical hand feel, and an ultra-fast screen fingerprint with a speed of 0.25s, these are enough for realme X2 Pro is the flagship experience.

The most special one is this 90Hz refresh rate fluid screen. Against other flagships of 60Hz, the 90Hz frame rate increase brings a smoother experience. Whether it is video or games, or even the daily system interface, 90Hz has a smoother animation effect than 60Hz. As long as you experience the smooth experience of 90Hz, and then use 60Hz back, I am afraid it will take some time to adapt to this “carton “.

X2 Pro

The vibration motor is also a module that many people have not paid attention to before. The traditional rotor motor starts slowly, and the vibration is weak and weak. The Z-axis motor has only one direction and cannot achieve rich dynamics. The X-axis linear motor can not only achieve clean and neat vibrations but also allow it to simulate various tactile sensations in both directions. Whether you unlock or type, you will have different experiences.

The fingerprint unlocking under the screen has been widely criticized for its slow speed and low success rate. But today’s G3.0 light screen fingerprint has perfectly solved this pain point. With the help of the white auxiliary light, the safety and reliability are greatly improved, and the average unlocking speed has also been reduced to 0.23s, which is unique with the unique unlocking animation.

Color OS 6.1

At the software level, ColorOS 6.1 has also shaken off its former innocence. Color OS now has a variety of functions, whether it is gesture control, or optimized for the characteristics of the full screen. The game space for gamers can not only accelerate the game but also have fun functions such as voice change; the AI ​​camera made for photography enthusiasts allows Xiao Bai to shoot large movies without setting up; Breeno has upgraded to become a mobile assistant and provides voice services. There is also a quick tour of Breeno for you to find convenient notes, photo translation, and other convenient functions; even newer requirements like dark mode can be updated in a timely manner.

Both hardware and software are telling you that although realme is a young brand, although realme X2 Pro is the first flagship machine, what he has prepared for you is definitely a mature flagship experience.

Realme X2 Pro Review Conclusion

Just the hardware configuration, it seems that the realme X2 Pro has been called powerful. As the first flagship of the new brand, the realme X2 Pro really carries through its concept of going beyond the ranks.

Realme’s leapfrogging on-screen fingerprints, full screens, pop-up front cameras, and quad cameras have brought the Qianyuan machine into a different field than before. We realized for the first time that the tall and powerful functions in the flagship machine are not far away, and even a thousand yuan machine can experience it.

And this time, the leapfrog on the flagship machine is more unusual. The top-mounted SOC and UFS 3.0 storage can only be regarded as the flagship’s standard. The 90Hz high refresh rate screen, Tactile linear motor, zoom four-shot, faster than the market. 50W Super Flash Charge for most machines … these are the flagships.

On a price basis

On this basis, realme has controlled the price to the extreme. The price of the 6 + 64G version is only $410 USD, and the top 8 + 256G is only $522 USD. Such a powerful product, affordable price, and excellent quality are only worthy of being the flagship product of “Dare to Overstep”.

Realme previously focused on grabbing the market with low-priced products, and this time finally launched the flagship realme X2 Pro, equipped with the highest-grade Qualcomm S855 + processor, but the price is a first-order cheaper than other brands’ flagship phones (12G + 256GB version The Chinese market sells for less than NT $ 15,000), and you can immediately see the CP value of realme X2 Pro.

In addition, the realme X2 Pro is not only the processor that can come up and talk, but the actual camera effect of the camera also is quite standard, and the 3 + 1 lens combination allows the focal length of the camera to be covered from the ultra-wide-angle to the telephoto. Its price should basically not be picky! Now the point is to see how much the Taiwan market will offer in the future.

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