realme c3s
realme c3s

Realme C3s:It seems that Realme wants to continue pushing on the accelerator even in 2020. This is why it is trying to win the trust of many users, even outside of China. In recent weeks, in fact, it has decided to officially arrive in Italy, launching four smartphones. Despite this, however, the brand wants to try to make itself known even in slightly poorer markets.Where the financial resources are not so exciting. Thus, the idea was born to bring a new low-cost device to Thailand, namely Realme C3s.

Realme C3s Certification

Realme C3s received Thai NBTC certification last week, hinting that it will launch soon. We now know that there is another ‘s’ variant that has also been certified by the NBTC.

Like the C3, the sports version of the C3s is numbered RMX2020. But other than that, we don’t have any details on these smartphones.

Realme released C2 earlier this week, just a renamed vanilla C2. So we think this will happen to C3 and C3s as well. More information on the C3 series will surface in the coming weeks.

According to what has leaked on the net in these hours, C3s could soon be reality. However, there are still no important details on this smartphone, which will probably belong to the low-end market. Despite this, however, it seems that in recent hours it has been certified by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), in Thailand.

These documents attest to the presence of a code name for this device, which would be RMX2020. Although there is no other information about it. It seems likely that C3s, a new low-cost variant of C2s, is hidden behind this abbreviation. All that remains is to wait for further information in this regard, with the hope of seeing this new model on the market soon.

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