Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10
Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10

Although you touch porcelain or ridicule, I only look at the real power of the product: OPPO Ace2, Xiaomi 10 who is stronger? Comparision

Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10

On April 3, 2020, OPPO launched the third product of this year, OPPO Ace2, through the “Super Play Conference” (the first is the OPPO Reno3 vitality version, and the second is OPPO Find X2 Series), the 8GB + 128GB version price is $565 USD or 3999 yuan; the 8GB + 256GB version price is $621 USD or 4399 yuan; the 12GB + 256GB version price is $649 USD or 4599 yuan.

Although OPPO officially deliberately separates Ace2, splits it with OPPO Reno series and OPPO Find series, intends to make OPPO Ace series a player artifact, and even cooperates with professional leagues such as “Peace Elite” and “League of Legends”, but OPPO Ace2 is obviously black. There are still some gaps in gaming phones such as sharks and red devils. Compared with conventional smartphones, OPPO Ace2 seems to lack some “bucket” taste. Therefore, after the OPPO Ace2 conference, the reviews and reviews on this product were almost 50-50.

As the most cost-effective flagship model of this year, the Xiaomi 10 series will be compared by major media and self-media people for nearly every new machine release, so we must follow the convention and compare OPPO Ace2 with Xiaomi 10 standard version Lets see who is more worthy of our choice. The comparison is mainly divided into design, video, battery life (including fast charging), screen, and other aspects. Please note that only the parameters are compared, and the data are from the official website.


In fact, the design of a mobile phone should never be the focus of discussion. The reason is that the aesthetic design is completely radish and green vegetables. Each one said that in the taller, that is, “a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlets “. Xiaomi 10 and OPPO Ace2 also use the full-screen technology of the digging hole screen, which is also the mainstream design process this year, from the thousand yuan machine to the 10,000 yuan machine.

The difference is that the Mi 10 uses a curved screen process, while the OPPO Ace2 uses a straight screen process. The curved screen process is the mainstream design of this year’s high-end models. Its entire design is more beautiful, three-dimensional and high-end, and it must be The degree of increase increases the comfort of the grip and has a better hand feel, but the curved screen inevitably has the problem of false touch, and there will be the problem of occlusion of the field of view during games and videos; while the straight screen can effectively guarantee the field of view It is more conducive to our victory in “Peace Elite”, “King of Glory” and other games. It is very friendly for gamers, but the direct screen process is gradually withdrawing from the market. The overall design aesthetics and texture are much worse than curved screens. ; As for whether the camera module is Oreo or vertical, I do not think it matters. What you like is what you like.

Xiaomi 10 Vs Oppo Ace2

3D Glass

In terms of body material, although OPPO claims that OPPO Ace2 is normal 3D glass, it is not plexiglass, but objectively speaking, its 3D glass process is obviously not top-level. The texture of the whole hand is much worse than the traditional glass process, even there is a sense of cheapness, and it also uses a plastic frame, which is obviously not a proud thing. The rear cover of Xiaomi 10 is made of glass. Both the beauty and texture are higher than OPPO Ace2, but the problem also arises.


The weight of Xiaomi 10 is 208 grams, which is close to a half-jin machine. It is used for a long time. There will be problems such as wrist fatigue. Although OPPO Ace2 sacrifices texture, the whole machine is only 185 grams, which is much lighter than Xiaomi 10. Even if it is used for a long time, there will be no problems such as wrist fatigue.

Choose beauty or vision; choose hand or texture … This is not a good question, but Xiaomi 10 and OPPO Ace2 obviously have made some compromises. As for what you want, it depends on what you need.

Image level

In the past few years, under the guidance of Huawei, excellent images seem to be a must-have feature for a mobile phone. Let ’s first look at OPPO Ace2. The ultra-clear four shots are 4800W main camera + 800W ultra wide-angle + portrait custom lens + light leakage custom Lens, of which 48 million main camera lens uses Sony IMX586, f / 1.7 aperture, 100 million pixels can be synthesized through ultra-clear image quality; 8 million super wide-angle lens has f / 2.2 aperture, 119 ° wide-angle; front 16 million pixels, f / 2.4, support super night scene mode. To be honest, from last year to today, OPPO almost called the Sony IMX586 polished transparent.

In contrast, Xiaomi 10 four lenses are: 108MP custom main lens (1/33 inch photosensitive element, OIS optical image stabilization, 1.6μm large pixel 4-in-1 large pixel, f / 1.69 large aperture, 7P lens); 13 million ultra wide-angle lens (f / 2.4 aperture, 123 ° super wide-angle); 2 million macro lens (f / 2.4 aperture, 2-10cm macro); 2 million fine depth of field lens (f / 2.4 aperture); front 20 million Pixel lens.

In terms of image quality, it is undoubtedly that Xiaomi won 10, and it was crushed.

Battery life (including fast charge)

With the development of smartphones today, you can say excess performance, excess images, etc., but you can never say “excess battery life”, because the battery problem is always a key issue that troubles smartphones further, and we need to emphasize that battery life is Battery life and fast charging are fast charging. Excellent battery life does not mean excellent fast charging. Similarly, excellent battery life does not mean excellent battery life.

Xiaomi 10 has a built-in 4780mAh battery (typical), with a standard 30W charger, which supports 30W fast flash charging, 30W wireless flash charging, and 10W wireless reverse charging. It can be fully charged in 57 minutes; OPPO Ace2 is equipped with an equivalent 4000mAh battery energy Support the world’s fastest wired flash charging 65W super flash charging, the fastest 35 minutes to charge; the world’s fastest wireless flash charging 40W Air-VOOC wireless flash charging, the fastest 56 minutes to charge; the world’s fastest charging combination, 65W SuperVOOC2.0 + 40W Air-VOOC + 10W reverse wireless charging provides a full scene, all-round flash charging experience.

In terms of battery capacity, Xiaomi 10 has 780mAh more than OPPO Ace2, and the endurance is obviously better; but in terms of fast charging, OPPO Ace2 obviously rubs Xiaomi 10 on the ground. In fact, it will be any flagship machine in the industry. Compared with OPPO Ace2, even OPPO’s own flagship OPPO Find X2 Pro will be rubbed by OPPO Ace2 on the ground in terms of fast charge combination. We must admit that OPPO Ace2’s 115W fast charge combination is completely invincible Is the “Everest” that is currently fast charging in the industry.

The battery life is still fast charging, you can choose whatever you want.

Screen Craft: Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10

The screen is obviously the key selling point of the mobile phone that the OPPO department wants to develop and focus on since last year. This can be seen from the OPPO Find X2 series, and this time OPPO Ace2 is equipped with a COP encapsulated OLED flexible screen that supports 90Hz screen refresh The touch sampling rate of + 180Hz has clear display effect and gaming operation experience of e-sports level. The maximum brightness of the system can be set to 500nit, and it has passed the HDR10 + certification and the Rhine global eye protection certification to accurately restore the true color of the picture.

Mi 10 is equipped with a 6.67-inch AMOLED hyperbolic screen, which also supports 90Hz screen refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate, resolution 2340×1080 FHD +, screen brightness 800nit (HBM) / 500nit, contrast 5000000: 1, 100 % Covers the DCI-P3 and sRGB color gamut, and also passed the German Rhine Low Blue Light certification, Corning’s fifth-generation Gorilla Glass.

Overall of Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10, the screen of OPPO Ace2 is basically the same as that of Xiaomi 10, but in terms of screen brightness and Gorilla Glass, Xiaomi 10 wins slightly, and the overall screen quality is better.

Other aspects: Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10

Let’s talk about other issues that deserve our attention. The first system issue is that Xiaomi 10 is equipped with MIUI 11; OPPO is equipped with ColorOS 7. At present, Xiaomi’s MIUI is still firmly on the throne of domestic custom systems, although OPPO’s ColorOS 7 has been tuned by the former Meizu Fly-me system team, still loses.

In terms of vibration motors, Xiaomi 10 is an X-axis linear motor, OPPO Ace2 is a Z-axis linear motor, and Xiaomi 10 wins; in terms of speakers, Xiaomi 10 is asymmetrical dual speaker, OPPO Ace2 is a dual earpiece speaker; addition, the full version of Xiaomi 10 is in memory Both are LPDDR5 + UFS 3.0, OPPO Ace2 ’s LPDDR 5 is only used for the 12GB + 256GB version, and the other versions are LPDDR 4X + UFS3.0, which is obviously more conscience for Xiaomi 10; in other respects, Xiaomi 10 supports the stronger five Heavy heat dissipation, support infrared, 8K video, full-featured NFC, OPPO Ace2 is a T-type VC cooling 4D constant cooling system, supports NFC function but does not support infrared remote control function.


Overall, the core advantage of OPPO Ace2 is 65W super flash charging + 40W wireless flash charging + 10W reverse charging, while the 185g light and thin feel + direct screen design are extremely suitable for the needs of gamers; however, in terms of overall comprehensive Look, Xiaomi 10 either wins or wins slightly in design, image, battery life, screen, system, motor, memory, heat dissipation, infrared, etc. OPPO Ace2 loses slightly.

Specific to the price, the 8GB + 128GB version of OPPO Ace2 price is $565 USD or 3999 yuan; the 8GB + 256GB version price is $621 USD or 4399 yuan; the 12GB + 256GB version price is $649 USD or 4599 yuan; the 8GB + 128GB version of Xiaomi 10 price is 3999 yuan; 8GB + 256GB The version price is $607 USD or 4299 yuan; the price of 12GB + 256GB is $663 USD or 4699 yuan. According to the standard compared with the storage configuration, the 8GB + 128GB version has the same price, and the Mi 10 wins with the configuration; the 8GB + 256GB version OPPO Ace2 is more expensive; the 12GB + 256GB version Xiaomi 10 is $14 USD or 100 yuan more expensive, combine with the configuration, you can say it was good value for money.

Combined with the configuration of Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10 and price, Xiaomi 10 is obviously more valued by ordinary consumers, especially the 8GB + 256GB version; OPPO Ace2 is suitable for the pursuit of ultimate flash charging and game enthusiast choice, and the 12GB + 256GB version is more recommended.

So that was the Oppo Ace2 Vs Xiaomi 10 Comparison. We hope you will like it.

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