OPPO A9 2020
OPPO A9 2020

OPPO A9 2020 Review This year OPPO renews the A league and it does so by trying to propose a balanced device. The new OPPO A9 2020 it presents itself – in fact – with some renunciations, such as the HD + display, but with particularly prudent hardware that heralds a fluid use from several points of view. Will the device have met our expectations? Let’s find out together in our full review.

Review OPPO A9 2020


In this article you will get detail about the following things:

  1. Unboxing
  2. Design and construction quality
  3. Display
  4. Hardware and performance
  5. OPPO A9 2020 – Benchmark
  6. Camera
  7. Software
  8. Battery
  9. OPPO A9 2020 – Conclusions


The sales package of the device is particularly rich, inside we find:

  • OPPO A9 2020;
  • Wall power supply 2V – 5A;
  • USB cable – USB Type-C;
  • Silicone cover;
  • Earphones with 3.5 mm jack input;
  • Manuals with instructions.

Design and construction quality:

OPPO A9 2020 design
OPPO A9 2020 design
OPPO A9 2020 design

Despite OPPO A9 2020 Review from the design point of view it has no particular pretensions, the touch of class of the brand is undeniable and it is found again – above all – on the back cover that despite the plastic offers a design made dynamic by the play of light, in all three colors.

The smartphone is therefore presented with an imposing appearance, 163.6 x 75.6 x 9.1 mm and a weight of 195 g also due to the battery from 5000 mAh. Despite the tonnage, however, given the elongated design and the tapering at the edges you will not have any particular problems in gripping it. It goes without saying that with an 6.5 display ″ it will be difficult, if not impossible, to use the device with one hand.

We therefore have a device that is practically impeccable from a construction point of view and that – despite its size – makes design one of its strengths. The only two aspects that I appreciated less in a purely aesthetic perspective are the perimeter frame in opaque plastic and the “step” that separates the display from the body. On the contrary, I particularly liked the inserts on the power button and on the third rear camera.


OPPO A9 2020 display

As we mentioned at the beginning, OPPO A9 2020 Review is a balanced device that offers a very good hardware boost. In order to maintain a compact price (and certainly for requirements related to autonomy) the company has partially sacrificed the display. On the device we have a unit from HD + 6.5 ″ IPS LCD covering the82.5% of surface of the panel, with resolution 720 1600 pixels x.

OPPO A9 2020 display

The limits in this sense, compared to the usual ones AMOLED Full HD + are obvious. In fact, we have a panel that incorporates the classic flaws of the LCD IPS display (like the colors tending to cold), while still maintaining excellent viewing angles and a commendable correction of the chromatic tones. It is precisely in this sense that applause is to be applauded coloros which allows users to calibrate the display colors. On this point, however, we will come back to it later.

Hardware and performance:

The new home device OPPO tip everything on the balance and autonomy and in this sense it seems to us a good choice to focus on Snapdragon 665, solution to 11 nm and with clock to 2.0 GHz. To accompany the SoC we find the Adreno 610, with 128 GB of internal memory UFS 2.1 e 4 GB di RAM.

Net of the hardware just shown, the smartphone offers particularly interesting performances. We will not have any problems in navigating in multitasking and launching even heavier apps.

Also the performance of the device in terms of gaming has been satisfactory and, as we have repeated on several occasions, in this sense we find the help of the Game Space able to increase the device’s hardware performance. Although we are not in the presence of a top-of-the-range hardware sector, we will not have any problems in performing the most classic functions related to smartphones.

OPPO A9 2020 – Benchmark:

OPPO A9 2020 benchmark score
OPPO A9 2020 benchmark score

Camera:OPPO A9 2020 Review

OPPO A9 2020 camera

OPPO A9 2020 Review boasts – overall – five cameras, four of which make up the main compartment in the middle of the back cover. We therefore find a rich chamber compartment and more precisely we have a sensor on the back main da 48 mega-pixels with focal opening f/ 1.8 e PDAFwide-angle lens da 8 mega-pixels with opening f/ 2.3, depth sensor from 2 mega-pixels f/ 2.4 and fourth bedroom from 2 mega-pixels f/ 2.4.

OPPO A9 2020 camera
OPPO A9 2020 camera
OPPO A9 2020 camera
OPPO A9 2020 camera

Despite a fund so supplied, OPPO A9 2020 Review it barely reaches sufficiency in this fundamental, and our judgment is given by the overall picture. If the device offers excellent shots in good light conditions, with well-defined details and good chromatic attention, the situation is turned upside down with low light. The same argument must be made in relation to the macros: we find a discreet quality, however we will struggle in not ideal conditions in the focusing. Although the photos have not particularly impressed me, it remains a sector suited to the price range to which it is offered, with the plus (not discounted) of the wide-angle lens.

OPPO A9 2020 camera
OPPO A9 2020 camera
OPPO A9 2020 camera

Frontally, instead, we have a sensor from 16 mega-pixels f/ 2.0 also used for facial unlocking (software). While for the four main objectives I found the merits and the critical points, the subject changes for the selfie cam that instead behaves in an optimal manner by day and slightly less performing in the evening. Finally, the device offers the possibility to record video in 1080p to 30fps.

Audio & Connectivity:

The device OPPO is presented in relation to connectivity. We find the presence of Bluetooth 5.0Wi-Fi Dual StripNFCGPS Compass (A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BDS), but at the same time we note the presence FM radio e Jack da 3.5 mm.

The listening experience of OPPO A9 2020 Review it is embellished – as you read in the opening – by the presence of the dedicated headphones in the package. Despite the presence of the stereo loudspeaker, however, listening to the speaker did not seem qualitatively high, with sounds particularly poor in bass.

Software:OPPO A9 2020 Review

L’A9 2020 shows an updated version of the coloros based on Android 9 Pie. While in the past we have not spared criticism of the proprietary OS for incorrect translations and non-performing features at 100%, this time we have to note an important step forward.

Growth is not interesting in terms of new implementations, but rather in the care reserved for existing ones. It starts in fact from gesture which you can replace NavBar. You can then choose whether to use the gesture in Huawei style with side swipes, or keep those already present on the device OPPO, with the controls at the bottom.

Moreover, among the additions particularly appreciated in terms of software optimization, we have the possibility of looking more in detail at the consumption of the battery and, to improve the user experience, we will find an improved menu dedicated to the calibration of the display, particularly useful with this device.

Battery:OPPO A9 2020 Review

OPPO A9 2020 it comes with a “giant” battery from 5000 mAh and, if on most devices the effort in terms of battery and weight does not result in greater autonomy, it is certainly not the case with this device.

The smartphone in question in fact manages to reach impressive numbers in this respect. We talk, in fact, beyond 8 display hours on with a single charge, even spread over several days. On the other hand, with the included power supply (from 10W) the charging process will be fairly slow compared to the average. You will use little more than 2 hours and 30 to fully charge the device.OPPO A9 2020 Review.

OPPO A9 2020 – Conclusions:

OPPO A9 2020 concussion

You will find the new mid-range of OPPO at a price that is around$256 USD. Starting from the selling cost, the evaluations compared to the device are more than positive.

The device in fact seemed to us particularly balanced in every point of view, offering more than the price range in which it is placed with the advantage, explained above, of having record autonomy. The device can be purchased from the store like Unieuro, currently for sale at the price of 256 USDOPPO A9 2020 Review.


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