Oppo A52 Specification & Price
Oppo A52 Specification & Price

Oppo A52 has Star array AI four-camera opens a new video experience OPPOA52 spirit point full-screen 1080P opens the ultra-clear vision

Oppo A52 Specification & Price

On April 20th, the new OPPO A52 machine was launched on the official website and officially launched. The model uses a new generation of 1080P ultra-clear smart point full screen and turns 4 cameras into integers. Together with the flash, it uses a “C” constellation array arranged to form four shots of Star Array AI. At the same time, OPPO A52 is equipped with 5000mAh large-capacity battery and 18W fast charging technology, which greatly improves the battery life and charging efficiency of the mobile phone, and has made no small improvements in video, software, and hardware, etc., bringing users a more convenient and convenient product Experience.

The new ID design highlights the orderly beauty of fashion and technology


OPPO A52 has made great innovations and breakthroughs in appearance design. It adopts a 1080P ultra-clear point full screen, the front lens is embedded in the screen, the left and right borders are only 1.73mm, and 90.5% of the ultra-high screen ratio is whether watching a video or playing games can get a more immersive visual experience. In addition, it can dynamically adjust the screen contrast in real-time, even in strong sunlight; you can see the content on the screen clearly. OPPO A52 has passed the German TüV low blue light certification, which effectively reduces the harm of blue light on users’ eyes.

In order to match the user’s one-handed operation habits, OPPO A52 adopts the new integrated design of the power key + fingerprint identification key, and the user can easily unlock it by pressing and touching the power key.

Colors: Oppo A52

OPPO A52 has two colors: white and black. White adopts a blue and white gradient design. The color of the body is like a shining polar galaxy. The black color is like a quiet polar night sky, giving the body more light and shadow changes to allow users. Feel the dynamic and natural beauty.


Oppo A52 Camera

Comprehensive video function, Star Array AI four-camera opens a new video experience

OPPO A52 adopts the trend design language of Star Array AI four-shot. Among them, the 12 million main cameras have a built-in F1.8 large aperture to make the photos clearer and brighter; the 8 million wide-angle lenses supports a 119 ° large field of view; the 2 million retro-style and 2 million black-and-white portrait-style lenses simulate the fading effect of the old film, and the shooting texture can be more advanced Portrait blockbuster.

In the night scene shooting, the A52 supports Ultra Clear Night Scene 2.0, which achieves better night scene shooting effects through noise reduction and HDR. When shooting portraits at night, A52 can partition people and scenes to make the film more natural. The A52’s ultra-wide-angle lens also supports ultra-clear night scene shooting, bringing users more creative shooting fun.

For the front camera, OPPO A52 supports 8 million pixels of AI smart beauty, which can automatically recognize skin texture, age, gender, and skin color to make different beauty treatments, and can easily open one-touch makeup according to the scene and lighting conditions. Your skin is more transparent and the facial features are more three-dimensional.

4K Frame of High Quality

In video shooting, it supports 4K 30-frame high-quality video and 1080P 120-frame slow-motion video output. The addition of functions such as wide-angle video, anti-shake video, and one-click video into a filmmaker OPPO A52 have professional-level image creation functions, which can be called a “video weapon”.

All-round software and hardware performance, a more convenient and convenient user experience

Processor & Storage: Oppo A52

Oppo A52 Storage

In terms of hardware, the OPPO A52 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 mobile platform, which supports a high-speed memory combination of 8GB + 128GB, which is faster, has lower power consumption, and the overall system runs more smoothly.


In addition, OPPO A52 is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 5000mAh. At the same time, it is the first in the industry to adopt a battery fire-resistant ink process to make mobile phone batteries safe and thin. 18W fast charging technology also allows it to fully charge. The support of Hi-Res sound effects, dual speakers, and other technologies makes the OPPO A52’s sound effects better and the audiovisual experience better.

In terms of software, OPPO A52 is equipped with the new ColorOS 7.1, and the new icon system makes the overall visual effect more comfortable. In addition, the all-weather dark mode, flashback key, weather alarm clock, smart assistant Breen and other functions also provide users with light and convenient product experience.

So that was the Oppo A52 Specification & Price. We hope you will like it.

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