Nut Pro3
Nut Pro3

Now the competition for smartphones is really fierce enough. There are not many Snapdragon 865 models on the market. It may be said that it is not yet become popular. It has not been on the market for half a year; because it does not support 5G networks and has already started to clear stocks. Now there is a flagship diving with this processor helpless. It is the Nut Pro3. Now the price of this phone is close to the freezing point; but why are netizens Say this phone is not worth it, let’s take a look together. Nut Pro3 Specification and Price are following.

Nut Pro3 Processor

The release date of Nut Pro3 is not very long. It only met with us on October 31 last year. Nut Pro3 is equipped with Snapdragon 855Plus, but like most models launched at the time; it did not support 5G networks and had no external baseband. Although Nut Pro3 is still a while before 5G networks are truly popular; due to the development of mobile phone hardware, the service life of a mobile phone has been greatly extended. At least it is said that the flagship mobile phone will not freeze for one year of normal use. It is really a pity that it is really difficult to say what happened.


Nut Pro3 display

In terms of appearance, Nut Pro3 uses a 6.39-inch AMOLED waterdrop screen solution that supports screen fingerprints; but the display effect of this screen is more general; with only 100,000: 1 contrast and the chin control is not ideal, and the width is still obvious. At the same time, the back is very advanced, using the mainstream four-camera design this year. After seeing this design, the face value is still quite high; and the frame of the machine has not used the smooth and acclaimed transition that is now well-received; It is straight and square, and the face value is up, but the grip is definitely cut off.


Nut Pro3 camera

In terms of configuration, this is the most unfortunate point of the Nut Pro3. After all, it is also the flagship of the Nut phone of the year; but due to the low power of the supply chain, many components have not been used; such as the popular 90Hz refresh last year. Rate screens, such as UFS3.0 flash memory, etc. Although the back of the machine is a four-camera lens; the sensor uses the Sony IMX586 on the flagship in the first half of the year; supplemented by 13 million ultra-wide-angle, 8 million telephoto and 5 million macro lenses. It can only be said that such a configuration is not enough for a flagship mobile phone; the imaging capabilities are satisfactory. Nut Pro3 Specification and Price is not high.

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