Nubia Red Devils
Nubia Red Devils

Nubia Red Devils that is the best gaming mobile with 55W charging + 16GB memory + 144Hz screen, the Android phone is coming! The Nubia Red Devils Specification is the following.

Nubia Red Devils

The domestic mobile phone brand Nubia has launched a sub-brand that focuses on gaming mobile phones in the past few years, the Red Devils. This mobile phone brand focuses on extreme performance, and its machines are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series processors; Nubia is this sub-brand A new cooling method-fan cooling has been added. The world’s smallest fan has been customized to be placed in the Red Devils gaming phone, which greatly improves the machine’s cooling capacity.

Red Devils Processor

Recently, the Red Devils official announced its first 5G smartphone, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone. This machine is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and supports the dual-mode 5G network. The machine also introduced LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.0 storage media. This is a configuration not previously owned by the Red Devils mobile phone; the battery capacity of the machine is 4500mAH, which supports up to 55W charging technology, and the overall strength is not bad.

Due to the use of fan cooling technology, the thickness of this machine has also reached 9.75mm. Without the use of a protective cover, the normal grip of this machine has been greatly affected; of course, the machine retains the 3.5mm headphones socket, which is very important for gaming phones. After all, wireless headsets have high latency and are not suitable for games with high audio requirements.

Display & Refresh rate

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The selling point of this machine is the 144Hz display. At present, the highest refresh rate on smartphones is 120Hz. Currently, Samsung and Xiaomi have launched smartphones with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Red Devils directly use the same 144Hz screen as the PC gaming screen, so for the higher performance requirements of the processor, Xiaozhai believes that the Red Devils 5G gaming phone cannot use a 2K resolution screen.


In addition to 55W charging and a 144Hz screen, this time the Red Devils 5G gaming phone will also have a 16GB memory version. Ni Fei, head of the Nubian brand, suggested that this machine will have a 16GB + 256GB storage combination; however, industry insiders said that this year LPDDR5 memory has not been officially mass-produced for half a year. If you want to pick up goods in large quantities, you can only wait until the second half of this year. I don’t know what approach the Red Devils will adopt.

Gaming phones are still relatively “niche” in the global market. After all, high-end smartphones play games equally well. Last year, many smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 855 series processors can compete with gaming phones. Everyone believes that gaming phones are “pseudo-propositions”. It is better to honestly launch powerful smartphones, so the audience will be wider.

So, can this 55W charging smartphone with 16GB of memory and 144Hz display beat other smartphones and become the “Android King” this year? After reading this article you will get Nubia Red Devils Specification.

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