Meizu Zero Specification
Meizu Zero Specification and Price

Meizu Zero Specification and Price: Even in the era of full-screen smartphones, homogeneity is still the biggest problem. Seeing that all models are basically the same as a mother, in this case, everyone wants to design a unique model. This is why the concept machine has been frequenting in the past two or three years. In fact, some of the concept machines are indeed possible for mass production. Meizu Zero Specification and Price

For example: a mobile phone with no holes in the whole body, its biggest highlight is that it kills all physical physical security keys. As of now, two brands have released similar concept phones, one is Meizu and the other is vivo. Just today there was good news from Meizu official, that year Meizu Zero won the German iF Award in 2020. Obtaining this award represents the recognition of Meizu Zero’s design by the world’s most authoritative design selection agency.

Meizu Zero Design

Meizu Zero Battery

Meizu Zero was most pleased with the former vice president Li Nan, who was responsible for this project at the time. Think about the shabby situation of Li Nan when this phone was released, many people may remember. Because Li Nan was released live at the time, its release time was ahead of vivo’s APEX2019. Subsequently, the machine carried out crowdfunding, but the design of Meizu Zero was amazing and the market acceptance was not high. The crowdfunding ended in failure.

When Meizu Zero crowdfunding failed, Huang Zhang also commented at the time. He believed that this mobile phone crowdfunding was a mess of the marketing department. The non-porous mobile phone was just a pre-research project of the development department, and never thought of mass production. Indirectly, it means that Li Nan was messing around at that time and directly pushed Li Nan’s pot of failed crowdfunding. Now that Meizu Zero has won the award, I don’t know what Huang Zhang thinks. Will he show up to tell everyone that he designed the phone himself? Meizu Zero Specification and Price

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