Meizu best performance smartphone
Meizu best performance smartphone

Meizu best performance smartphone of 2020 and the best Meizu mobile phone that has exterior design exposure is Meizu 17. Samsung on the front and Huawei on the back, I can rest assured that there is no curved screen

Meizu 17

In the first half of this year, the curved screen design of mobile phones gradually returned to rationality. In the flagship machine, the author did not find that there are mobile phone manufacturers who use a lifting camera in order to pursue the screen ratio, but everyone has used the digging screen design very tacitly. At present, the more popular digging designs are generally divided into two types, center digging and left digging. Meizu 17

For example, Samsung released a few days ago, and the Samsung s20 series in the first half of this year also adopted the design of a central hole screen.

Meizu mobile phone has always been the most design brand among domestic mobile phones. Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu, rarely interviews in public, but Huang Zhang is keen to polish the design of mobile phones. For example, last year, when all mobile phones were pursuing a bangs screen and a full-screen camera, only Meizu phones insisted on a comprehensive screen style designed by themselves. Meizu 17

Meizu 17 Processor

The Meizu has revealed that Meizu’s new flagship phone Meizu 17 will be released in the first half of March. This generation of mobile phones will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor and support 5G networks. It is the first generation of Meizu phones to support 5G networks. However, at present, Meizu 17 has the Snapdragon 865 processor is nothing new. We mainly look at the design of Meizu mobile phones.


Recently, the Meizu 17 mobile phone’s appearance renderings were exposed. Basically, it can be determined that the front screen adopts a flat screen design. Although it is a flagship machine, it has not followed the trend with a curved screen design, which is very comforting to others.

In the full-screen solution, the Meizu 17 phone uses a centered screen design. In fact, at first glance, Meizu 17 is almost exactly the same as Samsung s20. I have to criticize that Meizu finally lost its own world characteristics and chased Samsung’s design direction.


Meizu 17 camera & design

Maybe everyone is more curious about how the back of the Meizu phone is designed? In fact, the back of the mobile phone focuses on the arrangement of the camera. Before the Meizu 17 mobile phone, the camera design of the Meizu mobile phone was mainly place vertically. However, recently, the design patent of the Meizu 17 mobile phone has been exposed. According to the external view, the Meizu 17 camera will use a circular design. The 4 cameras are place in a matrix. The only design highlight is that the ring flash is place in the center of the camera array.

That’s right, the placement of the camera is a bit like the Huawei Mate30 series.

In general, the author is slight disappoint, with the Meizu 17 exterior design. The centered hole screen looks like Samsung, and the back camera array looks like Huawei. The only thing that makes me feel more gratified is that I did not follow the trend of using curved screens, because curved screen design not only increased the cost of mobile phone prices but also brought a lot of inconvenience in use. Flat screens are currently the most secure design. Meizu best performance smartphone

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