Meizu 17 Specification and Price
Meizu 17 Specification and Price

The Meizu 17 series renderings are again exposed and the center punch screen is bright; the rear camera returns to the upper left vertical row. Meizu 17 Specification and Price

Exposure perforated screen

According to the previous Meizu exposure; Meizu will launch the first 5G new machine Meizu 17 series will be launched in the second quarter of 2020. However, as major smartphones have successively revealed or released 2020 flagship products; recently, news about the Meizu 17 series has been exposed again. In particular, following the recent exposure of real-world spy photos of suspected Meizu 17 series on the Internet; this series of models will use a right-perforated screen and the “Oreo” style rear camera module previously applied by Meizu.

Recently, the Internet again the latest renderings of the suspected Meizu 17 series were exposed; and the design is very different from before. However, according to the official news released by Meizu recently; Meizu 17 series will adopt the latest horizontal linear motor introduced by Meizu among domestic brands. It should also be a real hammer, and it is likely to have a better experience.

Meizu 17 Design

According to the latest exposure renderings, it is more and more likely that the screen of the Meizu 17 series; will adopt a perforated screen design; this time the design is changed from the previously exposed right punch to the center punch. And from the perspective of the aperture of the opening, the overall proportion of the opening radius is small. In addition, the upper and left and right borders also look very narrow; and this also conforms to Meizu ’s consistent ultra-narrow edge design; so the screen it seems that the screen ratio is also quite high, so the visual effect is very good. According to previous reports from the Internet, Meizu 17 is likely to be Meizu’s first product with perforated screen design. Meizu 17 Specification and Price

Meizu 17 Design

However, the latest renderings of the suspected Meizu 17 that were exposed this time have been questioned by many netizens. After all, the Internet has recently revealed the real spy photos of the suspected Meizu 17. Compared with the current renderings, the real machine spy photos the patented design of the “Oreo” rear camera module applied by Meizu previously exposed by the Internet; and depending on the model, the number of cameras that looks like the rear camera is also different. The rear shot has only a traditional three shots on the left and vertical.


In addition, in the real machine spy photos, the screen of the suspect Meizu 17 new machine is punched in the upper right corner; and the latest rendering appears in the middle of the top of the screen. These two points are also the biggest controversy about this set of renderings. As for what kind of design Meizu 17 will use this time, friends will still wait for the official news! Maybe the official will eventually use the following design? Maybe friends?

Horizontal linear motor

In addition to Meizu 17, the horizontal linear motor has recently become a hot topic of discussion among Internet users, and in this regard, the horizontal linear motor was first introduced to the domestic smartphone industry Meizu on the Meizu 15 series. Recently, it has again become a smart concern of netizens Mobile phone brands. Recently, Meizu Technology’s official blog posted Weibo, “Overnight, linear motors have become a hot topic in the industry.

In fact, we are very happy that everyone is popular with each other. This configuration of linear motors is an important basic experience for users to understand. So far, Meizu ’s linear motor develops and optimizes for three generations. Whether it’s Meizu 16s Pro or Meizu 16T, our vibration is crisp and clean. It’s like Wing Chun in Kung Fu, without any tricks and noises. In one stroke, the middle finger is sharper, the whole body is numb, and it trembles to the soul. If you use it, go back! No! Go! “

Later, when the official blog interacted with netizens, he also said, “At this moment, I am making a chuckle. According to incomplete statistics, mEngine 3.0 is currently the most comprehensive combination of hardware and software in the Android camp. From this point of view, it should be possible to have a horizontal linear motor on the Meizu 17 series, and there may be more operating experience.


In addition, according to the current information gathered from the Internet, in terms of core configuration, the Meizu 17 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor + X55 dual-mode 5G base-band. Whether the machine will use the standard LPDDR5 + UFS3.0 (or UFS3.1) + WIFI6 that is currently standard on the flagship is unknown. As for the linear motor, dual stereo speakers, and NFC, I believe it should not be less on the Meizu 17 series. As for the infrared interface, I hope the Meizu industry will join this new machine.

Meizu 17 Camera

In addition, according to netizens, the Meizu 17 series will also support a 90Hz screen refresh rate, a built-in 4500mAh battery, a 64-megapixel rear camera, and a PRO main camera with 100 million pixels. Previously, Meizu founder and CEO Huang Zhang had announced that the new machine will use three 48-megapixel IMX586 sensors. According to the information exposed by the Internet, the possibility of the Meizu 17 series using this rear camera is not Large; according to the breaking news, it is possible that this machine uses a 64-megapixel IMX686 main camera + 48-megapixel IMX586 + 12-megapixel telephoto. In addition, the aircraft will also come standard with 8G + 128GB storage combination, pre-installed Flyme8 based on Android 9. However, for this configuration rumor, Meizu official has not yet confirmed, so Meizu friends will wait and see! Meizu 17 Specification and Price

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