Meizu 17 5G Specification
Meizu 17 5G Specification

Meizu 17 will be released in April at the earliest. What to fight with Xiaomi?

Meizu 17 5G Specification

Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers have released a new generation of products, which can be described as immortal fights, which are extremely fierce. Meizu, who has been silent for a long time, has also begun to move. It is suspected that its first 5G phone will be launched in April. In the news released by Meizu ’s official Weibo, they expressed the fans’ unswerving enthusiasm for the past 17 years and also revealed that Meizu ’s new products are hard-won. In addition, no information about new products was revealed between the lines. It is not difficult to see that this time Meizu 17 may be the selling point of feelings. As the pride of the once-made domestic mobile phone, Meizu now needs to rely on emotional propaganda. How exactly did it fall into this field?

We all know that Meizu has had a glorious past. At first, with the first domestically produced smartphone “Meizu M8”, it won the hearts of the people and opened the way for the development of smartphones. This mobile phone was hailed as the “domestic machine emperor” that year, which successfully established Meizu’s leading position in the domestic smartphone industry. However, Meizu, which has a bright future and a good situation, was confused and lost to a stubborn “core”.


Huang Zhang stubbornly believes that the optimization of his own system can make up for the lack of processor performance. Take the solution using MediaTek chips. As everyone knows, no matter how the system optimizes, it can’t hide the phenomenon of heat, freeze, and flashback. It is incredible that even in its own high-end flagship PRO series, MediaTek processors have been used. The classic slogan “One core is in trouble, the nine cores are on the lookout” is also here. At this point, Meizu began to decline.


Successive years of losses have forced Meizu to make changes. After reconciling with Qualcomm, Meizu 16 finally used Qualcomm processors across the board, and the performance of the product has also been greatly improved. Although this phone has an excellent consumer reputation, due to insufficient supply in the early stage, sales have failed to exceed the Xiaomi Mi 8 series over the same period. The use of MediaTek chips throughout the year has led to a lot of loyal fans in the past putting themselves into the arms of other manufacturers. Today’s Meizu is a human being. How many people from the old Meizu are still holding on?

“Meizu 17 years, thank you” is the theme of this new Meizu product, and “pursuit comes from love” is the signature. True, Meizu’s design and system have its own unique charm, but the embarrassing performance in recent years has wiped out the enthusiasm of many fans. Once proud of domestic products, Xiaomi also regards as the biggest competitor a few years ago, but now it has fallen into the selling point of feelings, which is really embarrassing. So, will you still pay for feelings this time?

So that was the Meizu 17 5G Specification. We hope you like it.

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