Meizu 16t
Meizu 16t

Meizu 16t: Most mobile phones on the market today are pursuing price / performance ratios. Regardless of users or manufacturers, cost-effectiveness seems to have become a direction of the mobile phone industry. The Meizu mobile phone has been dedicated to cost-effective mobile phones in recent years. With such a mobile phone, it is definitely the king of price-performance among flagship phones. And the price is less than 2,000 yuan. This phone is Meizu 16t, which is also considered by many users to be a real fragrant machine.

This phone continues the family design style with a 6.5-inch symmetrical screen design, which is a niche design style. The screen of the 16t machine supports fingerprint unlocking under the screen; and also passed the German Rhine Eye Protection authentication technology.

Meizu 16t Processor

16t uses the Snapdragon 855 flagship processor, equipped with 6 + 128g storage, and ufs3.0 flash memory as standard. This configuration is generally used only by true flagships. Meizu is also at ease, and there is a 4500mah large battery. And the weight of the fuselage is also controlled at 183g. The Sony triple camera lens is also used in the 16t while taking pictures.

Meizu 16t design
Meizu 16t design

From the configuration to the price of 16t; this phone is still very cost-effective, and also has dual speakers and other functions. After all, the Snapdragon 855’s flagship phone sells for less than 2,000 yuan, which is a more conscience phone. So if you want to buy a new phone, will you buy this phone?

Meizu 16t having Snapdragon 855 and having price is less than 2,000 yuan is Meizu costly smart phone; but it is best mobile for users.

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