Meizu 16S Pro
Meizu 16S Pro

Meizu 16S Pro: Meizu is a smartphone manufacturer with a very early start. Earlier, Huang Zhang was once called “China’s Jobs”. Meizu mobile phones have always attracted many users with exquisite appearance design and unique aesthetic customization system. With the multiple reshuffles of the mobile phone market; Meizu has now completely reduced to a niche manufacturer, even on the verge of being out of the game; but this does not have the confidence of Huang Zhang. After he returned to Jianghu, Meizu launched several models one after another. The reputation of the flagship machine is quite high, and sincerity is also very good today; such as this flagship machine equipped with Snapdragon 855Plus-Meizu 16SPro, the price is very high, much cheaper than Huawei.

Meizu 16S Pro Display

In terms of the appearance of Meizu 16SPro, the style of Meizu 16 is still continued; and the width of the forehead and chin is further reduced, and the screen ratio has been greatly improved. The 6.2-inch full-edge full-screen solution has been adopted to make the screen ratio of mobile phones reach 91.53%. The positive face value bursts out. In this era of the opposite sex full screen, Meizu’s persistence is very rare; and this time it has also kept up with the mainstream level. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 855Plus processor and has stepped into the field of top flagships. I still like to play games in daily operation, 16SPro will not have the slightest stutter phenomenon; coupled with good system optimization, it can be said that the user experience is as smooth as chocolate.

Meizu 16S Pro display
Meizu 16S Pro display

However, there is a small editor who wants to talk about 16SPro. As Meizu’s annual flagship, the machine is only equipped with 6 + 128G memory as standard. You must know that friends and merchants now start directly with 8 + 128G. Everyone knows that Yuncun is a smart phone for smartphones. It is very important to say that storing a mobile phone means that it will have a longer service life. Although 6G storage does not cause much trouble now. It will be more fluent than other 8G transportation in one or two years. The existence of the flagship machine has widened the gap. But it is also because of this combination that the price of Meizu 16SPro; has dropped to such a low level. It can only be said that it is a matter of opinion; and its battery capacity is 3600mAh, which supports 24W fast charging.


In terms of taking pictures, Meizu 16SPro has finally “compromised” this time. Huang Zhang has always insisted that the number of mobile phone cameras does not need to be too much. But the helpless users are not satisfied, so this time 16SPro; is equipped with 48 million + 20 million + 16 million three cameras Combination; the front camera also reaches 20 million pixels, the overall imaging quality is still very guaranteed. And also supports OIS optical image stabilization and super night scene mode; using the camera in the night environment no longer have to worry about long exposure caused by photos. It is also necessary to mention that the machine also has a built-in horizontal linear motor and dual stereo speakers. The experience of audio and video vibration is much better than other mobile phones.

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