Apple conscience, iPhone8 fell to clearance price, 56$ USD less than Huawei Nova6 iPhone8 Specification and Price

The price of Apple mobile phones has always been very high. Compared to domestic mobile phones, the price is even more expensive. Even the old models that have been online for a long time, although the price will be adjusted downward; it is not cheap. Apple ’s iPhone8 has been online for more than two years, and now Apple’s conscience; the iPhone8 fell to the clearance price, 56$ USD less than Huawei Nova6. The iPhone8 is cheaper than the Huawei Nova 6, but don’t rush to start with the iPhone8 directly; look at the configuration before deciding, after all, the Huawei Nova 6 is also very good. iPhone8 Specification and Price

iPhone8 display

Apple’s most attractive place is the processor and operating system. The iPhone8 is equipped with the Apple A11 + M11 co-processor, which has very stable performance. Even now, it is very smooth and the game runs more perfectly; but the core of the six core the number and running memory of 2G are very bad. The new machine is okay. If you bought it before and still use it now; the performance of the game is not very good, and it may even drop frames. Let’s take a look at Huawei Nova6. The processor is Hisilicon Kirin 990+ Barron 5000. It is a real 5G mobile phone with great performance; and the core number of Huawei Nova6 has reached eight cores. The operating memory has also reached 8G and the game is running. It’s smooth.

iPhone8 Camera

Even if it is not a “fruit powder”, it is also known that in fact; iPhone’s have a lot of short boards. For example, the camera configuration, the iPhone8 has only 7 million front pixels; and the rear 12 million pixels are not comparable. In terms of aspect, it is just a few streets away by Huawei Nova6; 32-megapixel auto-focus lens + 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, front dual camera; and 40-megapixel super-sensitive lens + 8-megapixel telephoto lens + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens Rear three cameras; such a picture effect is like a camera in minutes.


In terms of battery life, the iPhone8 also has no advantages. The 1821 mAh battery capacity now looks like a play. Although it supports fast charging and wireless charging, there is no need to say anything about battery life. Huawei Nova6 has a large battery of 4,200 mAh; and also supports super-fast charging, and its battery life is particularly stable. In contrast, Huawei Nova6 is definitely more secure.


iPhone8 appearance

In terms of appearance value, you can’t simply look at parameters such as screen-to-body ratio; because generally people who like iPhone are very satisfied with its appearance. Although the 4.7-inch screen size is not atmospheric, it is really comfortable to type with one hand. The 4.39mm frame is now very wide, and the screen ratio of 65.37% is even smaller. The Huawei Nova 6 is a 6.57-inch extreme screen. The visual effects are quite good and the resolution is very good. iPhone8 Specification and Price

User Evaluation

In terms of user evaluation, there are many people who have started the iPhone8; and over the past two years, many people have started to use this phone. Although the score on it is not low, it is not high. Currently it is only 7.1. Everyone is particularly satisfied with its performance and dissatisfied with the endurance. Other aspects are very average. The Huawei Nova 6 scored 8.8 points, which is not particularly outstanding, but there is no shortcoming.

iPhone8 Price

In terms of price this way in fact; iPhone8 is not as good as Huawei Nova6 except for its performance advantages. But now Apple’s conscience, iPhone8 fell to the clearance price; has been adjusted to 484$ USD starting, Huawei Nova6 just launched more than two months; starting price 540$ USD, from the starting price point of view, iPhone8 is less than Huawei Nova6 56$ USD. Well, Apple’s conscience, iPhone8 fell to the clearance price, 56$ USD less than Huawei Nova6, what do you think?

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