iPhone 9
iPhone 9

Is the iPhone 9 an older phone than the iPhone 11? Apple: Don’t worry, just change the name iPhone 9 Specification

After entering 2020, the news about Apple’s next-generation iPhone can be said to be various, from iPhone SE2 to iPhone 9, iPhone 12 to iPhone X Fold folding screen mobile phones, only you can’t think of it, there is no circle that does not spread. Among them, the most widely rumore is the iPhone 9; also known as the iPhone SE2; which is regard as Apple’s new generation of mid-range flagships, design to impact the Android mid-range and high-end smartphone market.

iPhone 9 Specification

A few days ago, Jon Prosser, a self-proclaimed “toilet squad leader,” broke the news in the latest episode of Front-Page Tech. He has obtained some latest news about iPhone 9 from the latest channels. But because Jon Proser did not give it a real hammer, the accuracy of the information about the iPhone 9 remains to be debated.

iPhone 9 design

Subsequently, a source working at Apple said that there were many errors in the current media reports on the iPhone 9; because there is no plan to release a smartphone named iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2 within the company. In fact, Apple plans to design the next smartphone without any suffix in the name. Yes, it has no numbers and no letters. It is call iPhone, just like the entry-level Apple tablet we saw. iPad (the reason is that there is iPad 4, iPad 5 This title comes from the automatic ordering of the media.

The reason why Apple laughed at this approach is very simple. If it is name iPhone 9, it will give users the illusion that this phone is worse than iPhone XR and iPhone 11 or older than iPhone XR and iPhone 11. This is also the future of Apple. Gradually, the digitalization of the iPhone is beginning to pave the way. Perhaps the iPhone 12 this fall will be name iPhone Air, and the iPhone 12 Pro we expect will be named iPhone Pro.

iPhone 9 Storage

As for what kind of starting price Apple’s iPhone will be on sale, many authoritative sources and the media, including Tianfeng Securities analyst Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingyi, have given their own speculations. The extremely low price of $ 399 And relevant sources has confirm this and said that; it will be use for the standard 64GB model; because Apple will also provide a 128GB storage version, it is expect to sell for $ 450.

In addition, it is report that Apple will hold a special press conference for the entry-level iPhone next month; which is what we call the spring conference, the specific time is March 30 or 31. However, due to the sudden “black swan” disaster, Apple has not yet determined whether it will hold a release ceremony next month. After all, affected by the “black swan”, Foxconn and other Chinese foundries have suspended construction, which seriously affected the new iPhone Production and Supply. iPhone 9 Specification

A few days ago, Apple has respond to this situation, and production conditions are slowly improving; but from the perspective of third parties, iPhone supply may be restrict for a long time in the future, and existing iPhone inventory will be lower. One situation is expect to ease in early April. The mass production of entry-level iPhones has also been postpone from late February to March. This may make announcements and release delays inevitable, so Apple is reluctant to set an exact date for the big event.


Finally, briefly talk about the known information of this iPhone (not iPhone 9, not iPhone SE2), the appearance is reference to iPhone 8, basically no difference; rear 7 million pixel single camera (not reliable, I think), 4GB memory , A13 Bionic processor, 4.7-inch Touch ID display, providing four colors of black, white, red and bright black; although the price of the National Bank version is 412$/426$ USD; some people even say that this is the first in Apple history. iPhone models that cost more than 426$ USD; but I think the price is expect to be 470$ USD or 498$ USD. After all, that’s Apple, and the price / performance ratio has never been related to Apple. iPhone 9 Specification

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