iPhone 6
iPhone 6

The longest-lived iPhone! So far, it has not stalled, with global sales exceeding 270 million units iPhone 6 new update is coming soon.

iPhone 6 new

Smartphones have been developed for more than 10 years now, and in these 10 years, Apple is definitely a brand that cannot be bypassed. It can be said that the birth of smartphones is also inseparable from Apple. In the development process of more than 10 years, Apple has also launched many classic models, such as the iPhone 4 that stunning the world. At present, the highest-selling mobile phone in the world, the one that has created a single-product sales record, is also an iPhone. This iPhone is the iPhone 6. According to official data, the iPhone 6 sales have exceeded 270 million, which is the highest in Apple sales. Mobile phones are also the highest-selling mobile phones in the world. iPhone6 ​​can also be said to be a generation of magic machines. But this phone is also a headache for Cook, because it is too difficult for iPhone 6 users to change phones, and iPhone 6 has become a nail holder in Apple’s eyes.


The iPhone 6 was released by Apple in 2014 and has now been released for five and a half years. Last year, it was also excluded from the iOS 13 update list. Despite this, a large number of iPhone 6 users are still using. Changing this group of “nail households” is another important task for Cook.


iPhone 6 Display

The iPhone 6 is very classic in appearance. This is the first large-screen mobile phone launched by Apple. The iPhone 6 has a screen size of 4.7 inches, a three-segment design, and a physical fingerprint button on the front. The iPhone 6 uses a metal body design with a good texture. Although the screen of the iPhone6 ​​reaches 4.7 inches, it is still suitable for a one-handed grip. In addition, the iPhone 6 is also very thin and light. The thickness of the whole device is 6.9mm, and the weight of the whole device is only 129g. It is very light, and it is not tired to hold hands for a long time.

iPhone 6 Processor

iPhone6 ​​is equipped with an A8 processor and runs iOS8 system, which can support updates of iOS12 at most. The performance of the A8 processor on the iPhone 6 is very good. It is estimated that Apple confiscated when the A8 was developed, and the processor performance was excessive, so the iPhone 6 can still be used smoothly and play games even now. Many iPhone6 ​​users can stick with it for so many years.


However, the iPhone 6 is indeed certain. The first is the battery capacity. The battery with a capacity of less than 2000 mAh can’t last for a day. It is estimated that it has been charged several times a day. Another disadvantage is that the camera configuration of the iPhone 6 is too low. The 8-megapixel single camera now looks completely out of date. I wonder if there are any friends who are using iPhone6 ​​now? Welcome to post your own experience in the comment area. iPhone 6 new update

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