Hyundai Veloster turbo specs
Hyundai Veloster turbo specs

hyundai Veloster turbo specs

In this article, you will get detail about Hyundai Veloster turbo specs review of following things:

Hyundai Veloster Intro

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2020 is a hatchback model that is launch by Hyundai in 2011. When it was launch, it attracts a lot of attention with its dynamic appearance and many bold designs. It also became a unique choice on the market; after a small after the remodeling, the big remodel model was finally born at the North American Auto Show last year. Of course, these ingenious and refines small steel cannons also includes in Nanyang Automobile’s busy new car introduction plan this year.

Available this month. The new-generation Veloster Turbo not only has a cooler, more handsome, cooler look but also has more power and tricky handling. No wonder the original factory will call it “cool running” because it is really cool and will run!

The large-scale modification introduces to China, the Veloster Turbo, sells in a single specification and the Hyundai Veloster price in India is 15 lack and in china is 1.159 million yuan and in the USA is $18600 USD. In addition, the original factory currently provides a limited “Veloster Turbo Storm Silver Limited Edition”, which adds highlights to the appearance.

Water tank cover, front spoiler, side skirt, rear pole cover, 18-inch five-spoke aluminum ring, and other exclusive equipment. The color of the car is uniformly matte storm silver Mono-tone, and the price of storm silver is more than the general version. Hyundai Veloster price of storm silver in India is 17 lack in China is 1.199 million yuan and in the USA is $19000 USD.

You can also check the complete interior review in this video.

Turbo front

Since it is a big changeover model, of course, the Veloster Turbo in front of it has undergone substantial evolution. The original plump muscle lines have converged a lot to make it look a lot stronger. In addition, more equipment has been added to improve the practicality of daily driving.


As for the brand new, the chassis and body are designs to further enhance safety. The original factory claims that the body of the new-generation Veloster Turbo is made of 52.6% of advanced high-rigid steel. Which improves the torsional rigidity by 28%, plus six airbags throughout the car. The configuration can be said to provide high-level safety protection for the occupants.

Turbo back

When it comes to safety, this is a goal that Hyundai has paid a lot of attention to in recent years. At the end of last year, IIHS announced the “2019 IIHS Safety Awards”. A total of 57 models won the evaluation of “Top Safety Pick +” and “Top Safety Pick”. Among them, Hyundai and its premium brand Genesis accounted for as many as 13 models. As for the IIHS impact test results of the 2019-style Veloster, just released this month, including major test items such as front, front partial deviation, side, roof, etc. He received the “GOOD” evaluation and successfully won the “Top Safety Pick” award.

Turbo left side view

The original factory introduced four-vehicle colors, such as extremely white, cool running blue, shining yellow, and torch flame red for this test drive, with a black roof to make the look more dynamic.

two door hatchback

Seen from the left side of the body, the Veloster Turbo is a two-door hatchback, but in fact, the right-hand body (the rear door on the right-hand drive model is on the left) design with a rear door, which is more convenient for the rear-seat occupants when entering and leaving than the two-door Many, this is also a major feature of Veloster.


The new-generation Veloster still uses the design of a large-area hexagonal water tank cover, but the lines are sharp, the internal horizontal fence has also been changed to a honeycomb structure, and a multi-level design of a foggy black front chin is added at the bottom.

The headlight shape has become simpler, the internal light source has been upgraded from the previous HID to LED lights, and the entire row of LED daytime running lights is also configured below.

Echoing the design of the front, Veloster Turbo also has black exhaust curtains on both sides of the rear bumper, plus spoiler rear wing and a center-mounted dual-exhaust pipe similar to the previous model, exaggerated Diffuser and other designs. Runaway.

The shape of the taillights has become sharper, and the arrow-shaped brake lights have been added to the interior, which is quite handsome when lit!

The two-tone painted 18-inch aluminum ring shape is also quite stylish, with a Michelin PS3 of 225 / 40R18.

Hyundai Veloster spec

Not only the appearance, but the interior of the new-generation Veloster has also undergone significant changes. The center console with more horizontal lines makes the cabin appear calmer. Of course, the air-conditioning interface, steering wheel, gear shifter, and other parts have also been replaced with new designs. , The visual effect and texture are greatly improved.

Compared with the previous generation of Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60, in addition to the addition of LED headlights in the appearance of the new model, DPG digital dynamic performance management system, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, 8-inch full-color HUD head-up display, Infinity Yang The sound system is equipped with 8 speakers (including the subwoofer), and the safety auxiliary equipment includes BCW blind spot detection warning, RCCW rear traffic warning, and other systems.

Hyundai Veloster Steering wheel

The three-segment sports car steering wheel dotted with red trim below has a strong sporty wind, and the multi-function buttons on both sides can control the audio, telephone, constant speed system and instrument switching.

The instrument still maintains a dual-ring design, with a 4.2-inch multi-function display in the middle to present a variety of information.

Speed Driving mode Fuel consumption set up Transmission oil temperature Mileage/fuel consumption information is the Hyundai Veloster price in India.

The 4.2-inch screen in the center can display speed, fuel consumption, mileage, driving mode, transmission oil temperature, and operate various vehicle settings. In addition, if there is a car coming from the side when reversing, it will also display RCCW warning information here.

General mode & Manual mode

The 8-inch full-color HUD head-up display is also newly added after the big change, but the information displayed is a little bit. Under normal circumstances, it can only display the speed of the car, and you can choose white, orange, green and other colors. , It will display the vehicle speed, gear, and speed at the same time with a ring meter.

Home screen Menu

The original 7-inch screen is now upgraded to an 8-inch multimedia touch control unit. In addition to radio, music, and telephone functions, it also supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and reversing development system. Complete functions can meet daily needs.

The performance indicator that many performance cars will match now also appears like in Hyundai Veloster turbo specs. Click the Performance Gauge in the menu to enter the “DPG Digital Dynamic Performance Management System”, which can display the real-time turbocharging value, G value, Torque output, and other data.

The audio and air-conditioning interface uses a matte silver lacquered veneer with red trim, showing a good texture.

The lower part of the center console provides a 12V, an Aux-in, and two USB jacks, and deep storage space is a plan.

Hyundai Veloster Driving Mode

Hyundai turbo dual clutch self shifting gearbox

The big model Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60 still uses the seven-speed DCT dual-clutch self-shifting gearbox, and the shift seat equips with switches for driving mode, tracking system, and parking radar. It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the driving modes of Eco, Normal, and Sport, the new model also provides the fourth “smart driving mode” for the first time. In this mode, the system will automatically switch according to your driving conditions. The most suitable driving mode.

Like the previous model of Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60, the central saddle is only equipped with a simple double cup holder, but the interior space of the wider central armrest is much larger.

The upper half of the center console is paved with embossed soft straight plastic, with a matte silver trim below, and a checkered flag added to the front of the front passenger seat to add sporty style.

The lower-left corner of the steering column equips with instrument brightness adjustment, and switches for the head-up display and BCW blind spot detection warning system.

Left and Right door

The left and right door panels are paved with different materials, which is a very strange design of the cabin. Unlike the embossed soft plastic on the left, the right door is ordinary hard plastic.

Front seat

price for Hyundai Veloster

The front and double front seats use three-dimensional sports car seats and are decorated with red stitching, trims and “Turbo”. The excellent shape also takes into account the covering and riding comfort; although the driver’s seat is an eight-way Electrically adjustable seat (including lumbar support), the seatback adjustment is manual.

Hyundai Veloster Rear seat

Hyundai turbo Rear seat

The Veloster Turbo has a four-seater setting, so the rear seat only provides two seats, and the center is a double cup holder and storage space.

Front-seat space Back seat space

The 175 cm occupant retains a fist of knee space in the front seat and a fist of knee space in the rear seat. This is quite surprising for a four-meter-two hatchback. Head unit is just touching the roof, take the adult is not a problem. In addition, the original factory also explained that the rear door fixing mechanism of the new model moved backward to improve the headroom and visibility of the rear seat.

Hyundai Veloster Trunk

Hyundai trunk rear compartment

The rear compartment has a capacity of 303 liters, and can also expand up to 1081 liters through a 6/4 split dump seatback.

Veloster turbo engine

The power and transmission system of the new-generation Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60 still uses the previous 1.6-liter GDI in-cylinder direct-injection turbo engine and seven-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox, but the maximum horsepower of the engine has increased from the previous 186ps to 204ps, and the maximum torque is also 27.0kgm.

The original factory announced 0 to 100km / h acceleration results of 7.1 seconds, in addition to Veloster Turbo also added for the first time Over-boost supercharging mode, in Sport mode, the engine speed between 2000 to 4000rpm full throttle is available Provides an additional 3.7% torque output.

Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60

The power data of some cars are quite beautiful, but they do not feel as expected when they are driven. Some of the cars have power data that seems to be okay, but when they are actually driven, they will give you the feeling that “should be more than that.” Obviously Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60 belongs to the latter.

The number of 204ps / 27.0kgm squeezed by a 1.6-liter turbo engine is not particularly outstanding today, but when you step on the throttle, you can feel a strong thrust immediately, especially the powerful explosiveness in the medium speed range. Amazing, driving fiercely on wet and slippery mountain roads under heavy rain, full-throttle acceleration when cornering will also cause the tires to slip severely, pull the steering wheel, and make the tracking system act frequently.

Turbo power

In terms of 1.6-liter turbo power, such acceleration performance is actually already It is a high standard. As for the low and heavy exhaust sound, it also makes the cabin more bloody!

price of Hyundai Veloster in India

Many performance-requested cars will mostly move closer to “comfortable” after the change, but this is not the case with the large-scale Veloster Turbo. It still has a fully sporty suspension adjustment, and it will make most people feel the “hard” kind, and the impact of the vehicle passing through the pothole to the body is quite obvious.

Hyundai Veloster Performance

Such a setting will usually be accompanied by excess bouncing and shattering, and it will also affect the ground performance of the body in the high-speed field. However, it is surprising that Veloster Turbo suppresses bouncing and shattering very well. Even when driving at high speed on such poor roads in China, it can still make four tires steadily stick to the road and show The excellent grounding performance also allows the driver to step on the accelerator and accelerate forward!

price for Hyundai Veloster

In Hyundai Veloster turbo specs in addition to the aforementioned rigidity enhancement of the vehicle body, the new-generation Veloster Turbo has also made some improvements in the chassis and handling characteristics, mainly the rear suspension has been changed from a torsion beam to a multi-linkage. In addition, the steering gear ratio has been reduced, and the steering wheel has been reduced to the left and right. The point, the actual measurement is about 2.6 laps, and the hard-core suspension setting makes the Veloster Turbo’s initial steering response sharper than the previous model.

refined looks and interiors

The remodeled Hyundai Veloster Turbo 0 to 60 has more refined looks and interiors, as well as more comfort and safety features, but these are actually expected. It is gratifying that it does not compromise on the comfort most people want. In essence, it is still a small and powerful steel cannon, and it can bring the driver’s increasingly rare fun now. In addition to fun, in fact, the Veloster Turbo also has a solid control foundation. As long as you put on a set of performance running tires, it is not a problem to challenge other more powerful steel cannons on the mountain road.

Hyundai Veloster turbo specs

Hyundai Veloster turbo specs are following

  • Engine type: Inline four-cylinder DOHC 16V gasoline turbine
  • Displacement: 1591c.c.
  • Engine maximum horsepower: 204ps / 6000rpm
  • Engine maximum torque: 27.0kgm / 1500 ~ 4500rpm
  • Drive mode: Front-wheel drive
  • Transmission type: Seven-speed dual-clutch row
  • brake structure: four-disc brakes
  • front suspension configuration: Macpherson
  • rear suspension: multi-link
  • tire size: 225 / 40R18
  • body size: 4240mm x 1800mm x 1409mm
  • wheelbase: 2650mm
  • vehicle weight: 1326 kg
  • domestic sale Price: 1.159 million yuan

Hyundai Veloster Price

The Hyundai Veloster Price in India & USA are following is following

Hyundai Veloster Price in the USA

The Hyundai Veloster price in the USA $18600 USD

Hyundai Veloster Price in India

Hyundai Veloster price in India is 15 Lack

That was the complete Hyundai Veloster turbo specs review that you like it.

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