Hyundai Kona electric interior

Hyundai Kona 2WD intensive test drive has more attractive front-wheel-drive charm and competitiveness

Hyundai Kona, with its eye-catching design, debuted as a four-wheel-drive model at the end of last year. After two months in April this year, it introduced a 2WD model with front-wheel drive. Except for a few differences in equipment, the price was nearly 100,000 yuan lower than the 4WD model. The strategy also allows Kona 2WD to significantly increase product competitiveness!

After the introduction of 2WD front-wheel-drive cars in India models, the Kona model has also changed. First, the 4WD models have been changed to 4WD extreme single specifications. The 2WD front-wheel-drive cars in India models are divided into three types: dynamic, intelligent, and rigid. The entry price starts from 799,000 yuan, and the two-color body painting is increased by 10,000 yuan.

Kona’s current car compilation and pricing:

2WD Dynamic Type 2WD Intelligent 2WD stiffening type 4WD Extreme
799,000 yuan 879,000 yuan 929,000 yuan 989,000 yuan

You can also check the complete interior review in this video.

Kona’s price band or cross-border recreational field competition is quite fierce. In a collective cross-border recreational review, we did earlier this year; there were nine cross-border SUV models from various brands; the price bands are around 800,000 to 1 million yuan, so to stand out in this war; not only the brand name must be loud enough, but the product competitiveness must also be sufficient!

front wheel drive in snow

Collecting articles: Cross-Border Nine Heavens! Super hot CUV battle end-of-year episode review; smart car purchase face to face! Whether it is a front-wheel-drive cars in India or a four-wheel-drive model; Kona is equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged power, with a maximum output of 177hp / 27.0kgm; coupled with the excellent transmission efficiency of the seven-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission system. One of the basic safety equipment is also a unified standard. The entire car series includes six airbags, ESC electronic body dynamic stability system; VSM integrated body dynamic management system, HAC uphill starting assist system; DBC steep hill descent assist system, and ESS emergency braking warning system. Equipped as standard. As for the advanced security technology equipped with SmartSense; it is standard for more than 2WD stiffeners (there are also 2WD stiffeners, but the HBA intelligent far and near light adjustment system is missing).

Following are the list of difference between the models

2WD Dynamic Type 2WD Intelligent 2WD stiffening type 4WD Extreme
17-inch aluminum ring projection halogen headlights, LED daytime running lights, halogen taillights, roof luggage rack, woven seat, multifunctional steering wheel, steering wheel, four-way adjustable 6/4 separate seat, USB / AUX-in / Bluetooth external sound source
Leather / woven seat, electric heating, defogging, rearview mirror, electric folding rearview mirror, Red-Line cabin kit, black canopy, constant temperature air conditioner, eight-inch touch multimedia host, reversing development
Added:   LED headlights Keyless keyless door/engine open/close HUD head-up display steering assist lighting systemAdded:   18-inch aluminum ring titanium gray body kit fog silver rear trim mobile phone wireless charging device

Hyundai SmartSense is equipped with:

BCW blind spot detection warning system, LCA lane change rear warning system, RCCW rear traffic collision warning system, FCW forward-collision warning system, FCA active braking assistance system in front (including pedestrian detection), LDW lane departure warning system, LKA Lane shift assist system, HBA intelligent near and far light adjustment system, DAW driving fatigue warning system.

Hyundai Kona 2WD Stiffening Specifications

The eye-catching exterior design is a charming feature of Hyundai Kona electric India that attracts the attention of passersby. The characteristics come from the separated headlights and the black plastic material surrounding the whole car.

Hyundai Kona colors

The basic car colors are available in five colors: white, blue, orange, gray, and red. You can also purchase a black roof at an additional price of 10,000 yuan, which becomes a two-color appearance with obvious contrast effects.

An 8-inch HUD head-up display reflective lens is visible from the front. This practical equipment is standard for 2WD stiffened and 4WD extreme models.

The main difference between the appearance of front-wheel-drive cars in India and four-wheel-drive models is the aluminum ring style and size. The Hyundai Kona electric India comes standard with 17 inches, and the Hyundai Kona electric India is upgraded to 18 inches.

Compared with the starting price of nearly 900,000 yuan in the past, the front-wheel-drive cars in India version of the car now pushes the entry price to a sigma head. This 100,000 yuan gap can bring many people closer to the price sense when they hear it for the first time. Consumers who originally saw Kona’s unique design feeling but did not need a front-wheel-drive in snow configuration are willing to further contact.

Hyundai Kona Design style

Hyundai Kona interior Design style

From the small changes Tucson, Elantra, the new generation Veloster or this Kona released in China in recent years; you can see a very distinctive family interior design style. The dual-circle instrumentation is equipped with a similar multi-function steering wheel and central independent touch multimedia. Screen and center console function configuration; and then make minor adjustments and modifications according to different models. For example, Hyundai Kona electric India added red trim to the air-conditioning outlet, the outer ring of the gearshift seat and the engine start button. The leather/weave mixed seat and the steering wheel also added red stitching (Red-Line cabin kit). Just enter the cabin. Feel the good atmosphere of the cabin.

As the test drive was a top-drive version of the front-wheel-drive in snow model, the interior was equipped with the convenience feature of a wireless charging pad for mobile phones. For example, the HUD head-up display with extremely high practicality; the eight-inch touch multimedia screen with reversing development / Apple CarPlay / Android Auto; Keyless keyless door/engine opening and closing system, etc., are all included as standard items.

Hyundai Kona electric interior

Hyundai Kona electric interior has the following functions:

1.Steering wheel functions

The function of the steering wheel with red stitching is complete, Bluetooth communication; audio system adjustment and driving information switching functions can be performed from it. The use of breathable leather on both sides also makes the grip feel outstanding.

2.Touch-screen multimedia screen

The instrument panel is a traditional dual-circle instrument with a central 3.5-inch driving information display screen; which is a simple, clear and approachable basic configuration.

The HUD head-up display can be set from the center screen, as well as other vehicle-related functions.

Hyundai front wheel DRIVE MODE

From the steering wheel button in Hyundai Kona electric interior, you can switch between different display contents; naturally related mileage information or fuel consumption related data.

Although there is no ACC as a convenient function, it is not that the domestic models are equipped with some reductions; but it is a pity that the Hyundai mother factory has not yet transferred this function to Hyundai Kona electric India. However, in the SmartSense function, there is still auxiliary equipment that can detect pedestrians’ active front braking; blind-spot detection, rear lane change warning, lane departure warning or lane departure assistance.

In Hyundai Kona electric interior the central eight-inch touch-screen multimedia screen adopts a free-standing design; which is also a common configuration of Hyundai models. There are physical buttons and knobs on the left and right sides for operation.

In addition to basic Bluetooth communication and Bluetooth music streaming functions; it also has the popular Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection functions.

Models of the 2WD and above models are equipped with a back-up development assist function as standard; four back-up radars are used to check the rear vehicle condition.

The charging method can rely on the double USB hole and a 12V power socket located at the bottom of the center console, and the AUX-in jack is also located here.

3.Hyundai Kona gearbox

Kona electric gearbox

Kona’s gearbox is a seven-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission system. And it offers three driving modes, Comfort / Eco / Sport in Hyundai Kona electric interior. It can maximize the maximum power of 177hp / 27.0kgm.

Kona electric seat settings

Only the 4WD Extreme model uses full leather seat settings; the 2WD Smart. And Stiffened models are leather/weave mix and match seats in the configuration picture. The two-tone effect is matched with red stitching, trim and red seat belts. The overall texture is quite good.

The passenger space is 177 cm tall in the Hyundai Kona electric interior for a demonstration by a colleague. The current seat is adjusted to the general sitting position in the picture above and then enters the rear seat. The Kona cabin with a 2600mm wheelbase has a good level of space performance. For 177 cm passengers in the knee, There is plenty of room for movement on the head.

4.Trunk Space

Kona Trunk Space

Kona’s standard luggage capacity is 361 liters and can be further enhanced by the 6/4 split dump seat.

Kona is not equipped with a solid spare tire but is replaced by a tire repair agent. So there is an extra storage space under the floor.

When the back of the rear seat was fully dumped, the load capacity was immediately increased to 1,143 liters.

5.Turbo engine

Hyundai front wheel engine

Hyundai Kona ‘s power performance is another highlight. Its 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo engine provides 177hp / 5500rpm maximum horsepower. And 27.0kgm / 1500 ~ 4500rpm excellent power performance; plus the Comfort / Eco / Sport A seven-speed DCT dual-clutch shifting system with three-mode switching makes Kona front-wheel-drive sports cars a small cross-country traveler with a strong sense of movement.

Hyundai front wheel side view

The full and brisk acceleration response is Kona’s first feedback to the driver. Whether it is starting or accelerating in the middle-speed range, it can get full power support; plus a body length of fewer than 4.2 meters and agile steering ability. Driving a Hyundai Kona in the city has a relaxed and free feeling. There are two major changes to the front-wheel-drive sports cars model. One is to change from an 18-inch aluminum ring to a 17-inch. The second is to change the suspension structure from the front McPherson and the rear multi-link to the rear torsion beam suspension.

6.Hyundai Kona DRIVE MODE

Kona drive mode

DRIVE MODE provides three driving modes: Comfort / Eco / Sport; which is mainly identified by the difference in transmission timing.

Due to the 17-inch aluminum ring configuration, the passengers in the car have better riding experience. The previous 4WD with 18-inch rim tires has more obvious feedback when passing through potholes or uneven roads. This time, it can slightly cushion the impact. But the texture of the road is still quite stable and solid. Even if the front-wheel drive in snow chassis is changed and the suspension form is different. Kona’s clear and smooth body dynamic display has not been weakened at all. The stable chassis work is supplemented by abundant power. Kona can also give the driver sufficient driving pleasure on the mountain road.

Hyundai front wheel road test drive

If not for the four-wheel-drive system of Hyundai Kona front-wheel-drive sports cars, as a small cross-border travel setting. The front-wheel-drive in snow version of Kona front-wheel-drive sports cars can already face the various conditions that urban cars will face. Compared with the previous front-wheel drive in snow models, it does have a C / Feeling of a higher p-value. After readjusting the composition and pricing of the car series. Kona front-wheel-drive sports cars can also close the price gap with domestic competitors. And is a high-quality player worthy of being put on the pocket list?

Hyundai Kona 2WD Stiffening Specifications

  • Engine type: Inline four-cylinder DOHC 16V gasoline turbine
  • Displacement: 1591c.c.
  • Maximum horsepower: 177ps / 5500rpm
  • Maximum torque: 27.0kgm / 1500 ~ 4500rpm
  • Drive mode: Front-wheel drive
  • Transmission type: Seven-speed DCT dual-clutch self-row
  • Brake structure: Four-wheel disc brake
  • Front suspension structure: McPherson
  • rear suspension structure: Torsion beam
  • Tire specifications: 215 / 55R17
  • Body size: 4165mm x 1800mm x 1565mm
  • Wheelbase: 2600mm
  • Domestic price: 929,000 yuan

That was the Hyundai Kona drive test and that is a front-wheel-drive in snow.

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