Huawei P40 series Specification
Huawei P40 series Specification

Huawei P40 series official activity video declared, full vary of color renderings exposed

Huawei P40 series Specification

Since it completely was formally declared that it will bring the Huawei P40 series to the globe on-line conference on March twenty six, information relating to Huawei P40 series has been often exposed on the online.

With the discharge date approaching, today’s official Huawei terminal Weibo put together pre-launched the new phone and mentioned that “everything among the past is that successive milestone among the introduction video art”.

From this perspective, the forthcoming Huawei P40 series will bring extra enhancements to the imaging system. put together the foremost functions of the P series, the shooting ability has been maintained by many users.

At the identical time, currently, to heat up Huawei put together free an official promotional video.

Although the promotion film free currently does not show the total vogue, the most points are known.

Huawei P40 series

Among them, the corners displayed among the promotional video ar very rounded, and thus the metal frame vogue is to boot visible. And from the side, the screen uses a curving answer, and thus the front visual experience got to bring an even bigger field of browse and a narrower border result.

Before the official announcement, this video was disclosed, and presently it’s confirmed that the news is true. supported this, information just like the four-curved surface vogue, the stone feels mentioned among the previous leak got to presently be roughly confirmed.

In addition, the most points of this set of promotional videos are focused on details like zoom and lens components, but the front screen vogue that users ar extra concerned relating to has not appeared.

Although there is no verifiable positive vogue answer notwithstanding, as a result of the flagship of Huawei’s flagship positioning series, what quite a vogue color the P40 series brings has invariably been one altogether the most focus of the skin world.

With the increase of breaking news, today evleaks exposed the color theme of Huawei P40 series and put together provided color renderings of all models of the P40 series.

Huawei P40 series camera


According to the introduction, Huawei P40 traditional Edition will have five colors: black, silver matte, blush gold, sea blue, and ice white; Huawei P40 skilled version will offer black, silver matte, blush gold, deep blue, ice five colors of white; Huawei P40 skilled Premium only provides two colors of ceramic black and ceramic white.

The overall look sort of the three versions is roughly similar, but there are positive variations among the rear camera module and thus the version color.

Combined with the relevant news, the standard version of the Huawei P40 will have a rear three-camera combination, whereas the Huawei P40 skilled is supplied with an instrument lens and a ToF detector, and thus the two versions are consistent in body color.

The higher-positioned Huawei P40 skilled Premium will have up to five cameras at the rear, with a ceramic body vogue, and only getable in black and white colors.

In addition, the identical offer has previously shown a mint inexperienced rendering of the Huawei P40 series, and its overall vogue is extra up to date and natural.

However, this color does not appear among the complete series of renderings. I am questioning if this color area unit planning to be free next?

Recently, Huawei P40 skilled put together appeared in GeekBench, transportation extra parameter information for everyone.


According to the running score list, Huawei P40 Pro’s single-core run is split into 776 points, and thus the multi-core run is split into 3182 points. In terms of parameters, it’s equipped with a Kirin 990 5G chip, equipped with 8GB of memory, associated runs Associate in Nursing OS supported android 10.

In addition, supported this famed news, Huawei P40 series will bring extra upgrades to the imaging system. This a locality of the content is to boot a major highlight once the new machine is free.

Compared with last year’s P30 series, this year’s P40 series area unit planning to be upgraded in terms of look, image, and performance. At present, that a locality of the upgrade ar you most interested in?

So that was the Huawei P40 series Specification. We hope you like it.

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