Huawei Nova 4
Huawei Nova 4

Huawei Nova 4 Specification: The update of the mobile phone market is very fast, especially in recent years, the entire mobile phone market has almost completely swept through the design standards of comprehensive screens, various opening designs, bangs, and even pop-up structures. The proportion of mobile phone screens, the industry still has not found the best comprehensive screen solution.

Huawei Nova 4

This year, the entire mobile phone market will fully accelerate the development of dual-mode 5G standard flagships. It also means that the mobile phone market will bid farewell to 4G versions of mobile phones and fully embrace the new network standard. Most of today ’s highly positioned 5G mobile phones hesitate, and it may take about 2 years for the real price of 5G phones to come down.

Nowadays, the entire mobile phone market is accelerating the construction of 5G products. The upcoming Xiaomi 10 series, Huawei’s new flagship models, and the flagship of OnePlus Meizu, etc, have aroused the desire of consumers to purchase machines. Friends with a budget that is not particularly sufficient may wish to consider; the 4G flagship that has been released, and today the price is really more than conscience. Huawei Nova 4 Specification

Huawei Nova 4 Camera

Huawei can be regarded as one of the most prominent sales in the domestic mobile phone market! Huawei Nova 4 is a flagship phone released the previous year. It has been more than a year since now. The price of mobile phones has changed a lot. It has basically entered the final stage of clearance sales.

Huawei Nova 4 adopted the design of the hole screen, combined with Huawei’s polishing of the fuselage’s multiple gradient effect colors at the time, representing the design standard of the younger market, the simple rear three-camera positioning, and the physical rear Fingerprint recognition, recognition, and aesthetics are all worthy of recognition.

Huawei Nova 4 Price

Today, the price of the 8 + 128GB version of Huawei Nova 4 has been reduced from 570$ USD at the beginning, and it can be bought for as long as 256$ USD. It can be said that the price/performance ratio is really extreme! The price reduction is as high as 285$ USD or more, the exquisite and recognizable design, and the outstanding hardware configuration fully meet the high practicability.

Camera & Processor

The Huawei Nova 4 is equipped with a Kirin 970 processor, supports the global multi-function NFC standard, a rear 48MP three-shot positioning, and a front 25 million selfie beauty supplement camera. The overall practicality of the phone is still very good, but the phone ’s The processor is a bit unsatisfactory. The Kirin 970 was the flagship chip of the previous year. Now it seems that the performance is not so good.


However, combined with the practicality of the mobile phone; after upgrading the system’s bottom layer optimization, Huawei Nova 4 is still very worthy of recognition, including 3750mAh battery capacity; trendy body design elements, personally do not feel that blindly pursue high standards friends; this is still super Cost-effective choice, what do you think? Huawei Nova 4 Specification

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