Huawei mobile phones
Huawei mobile phones

Huawei mobile phones Specification: Can Huawei phones be bought casually? People who know it say that these 3 models are not worth starting, and the price is too low!

It is undeniable that smartphones have now become a part of our lives, and even ca n’t live without them. Many people have to play for a while before getting up, or staring at their phones for several hours before falling asleep. Manufacturers, especially Huawei, have occupied 42% of the domestic market. In the eyes of many users, Huawei ’s mobile phones are very highly evaluated, and they will not step on mines if they buy them. However, people who know mobile phones will say so. Now these three Huawei Mobile phones are no longer worth starting, because their configuration or cost performance is too low, there are better options on the market, so let’s take a look at the specific situation. Huawei mobile phones Specification

Honor 8X Box Pack

The first one: Honor 8X

This phone is really too embarrassing, not because the configuration is too low, the machine is equipped with a Kirin 710 processor, comes standard with 4 + 64G memory, using the popular Liu Haiping at the time, while supporting rear fingerprint recognition, built-in 3750mAh battery, equipped with 20MP + 2MP rear dual cameras, in fact, the overall performance is considered to be an average level in a hundred yuan machine, but helpless its upgraded version of the glory 9X is too bright, all hardware and functions have been significantly improved, especially It is the processor, but the price difference between the two is only 100-200 yuan, many users have said that if you have this budget, it is better to buy the Honor 9X directly. Huawei mobile phones Specification

Second 2: Honor 9XPro

I just said that the Honor 9X is worth starting, but the Pro version of this series is very suspect, because its price is too high, and the key configuration has not been improved, all are equipped with Kirin 810 processor, other aspects include The battery capacity and charging power, and the screen scheme are exactly the same as the Honor 9X, except that the maximum memory is higher, and the rear camera is upgraded to 48 million + 8 million + 2 million pixels, an additional 8 million lens, but the overall imaging level There is no qualitative change. Just to upgrade this point, you want users to spend nearly twice as much money to buy it. Huawei mobile phones Specification

The third one: Huawei Nova6

Huawei Nova6 is a relatively new phone. It is also the highest specification model in the Nova series. This phone is equipped with a Kirin 990 processor, standard 8 + 128G memory, and a popular dual-drilled LCD screen. It does not support high refresh rate technology, and is only equipped with side fingerprint recognition. The battery life is good. The 4100mAh battery + 40W fast charge is satisfactory, but the camera is still not improved. The IMX600 sensor is still used. The most important thing is that it does not Supporting 5G networks, the price has reached more than 3,000 yuan. Who is still willing to spend so much money to buy 4G mobile phones? Huawei mobile phones Specification

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