Huawei mate30
Huawei mate30

Huawei mate30 Specification and Price: The Huawei mate30 series was release at the end of last year in September. It is divided into 4G and 5G versions. Today, 5G development momentum is rising sharply. Most of them focus on 5G mobile phones. In fact, daily use of 4G network mobile phones, it is more than enough to cope with daily watching videos and playing games. There is no need to start with 5G. The 4G version of the 6GB + 128GB Huawei mate30 is price at 3999 yuan, and after the price reduction, it is 3500 yuan. Users don’t have to be too sad, buy early and enjoy early. Huawei’s flagship machine is commendable in quality control and performance. Let’s take a look at Huawei mate30.


There are still many highlights of Huawei mate30. It is equipped with Kirin 990 processor, 7nm process technology, Huawei’s independent research and development, energy consumption and performance have been improved a lot, the advantages of Kirin processor AI intelligent optimization capabilities are worthy of recognition, and the Android system is optimized in depth. The large-scale games and software are very smooth. The camera capability is the highlight of Huawei mate30. The 40-megapixel main camera + 16 million lens + 8 million telephoto lens, Leica triple camera + intelligent algorithm, the image quality is very clear and delicate. Traveling scenes and recording daily life is a very good choice.Huawei mate30 Specification and Price

Huawei mate30 design

I believe that most of my friends who like Huawei mate30 not only fancy its performance; the appearance is still very unique, using a 6.62-inch OLED screen, watching videos or browsing the web, smoothness, German Rhine Eye Certification, long Watching the phone over time minimizes eye damage. Huawei mate30 Specification and Price

The configuration and shape of the back cover belong to the classics in the mobile phone industry. The round camera is wrappe by a halo designe by the back cover, showing a three-dimensional effect. The color of the back cover is diversified. The colors of the Huawei mate series have always adopted heavy colors. It has a business model and can show the spiritual vitality of young users, catering to the tastes of different users in the market. The Huawei mate30 uses a face-to-face screen. The experience of the listing is more comfortable than the mate30pro operation, reducing the trouble caused by false touch.

Huawei mate30 Battery

The Huawei mate30 come with a 4200 mAh large battery. It is a 4G mobile phone, it is consider to have long battery life in the industry. It is equippe with a fast charger which has 40W fast charging speed. Do n’t worry too much about the high-load device power for a day. The launch of the 10 launched a competition with Huawei’s high-end industry. As a domestic mobile phone giant, Huawei will definitely not spare no effort. It is aim that the price of Huawei mate30 will attack on Xiaomi 10. After the price has fallen, Huawei mate30 sells for 3599 yuan. 10? Which two phones will you choose? Huawei mate30 Specification and Price

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