Huawei Mate 20 Specification
Huawei Mate 20 Specification

A big drop of 2,000 yuan, Kirin 980 + 128GB + Leica three shots, Yu Chengdong cleared the stock completely

The Huawei Mate series is Huawei’s highest-end flagship machine. The main flagship is the business flagship. It is the favorite of many successful people. Once I went on a trip, I met a boss who started his own company. He used Huawei Mate10. At the time, Huawei Mate20 He hasn’t released it yet, he said that he bought it when he saw the “Foreseeing the Future” advertisement advertised by Huawei! In fact, the main direction of Huawei Mate series is indeed the mobile phone of business people, because it has great advantages in battery life and security. However, one thing is not good, that is, the price of Huawei Mate series is too fast. The Huawei Mate 20 has now dropped by 2,000 yuan, from 4499 to 2499 yuan. From the high-end machine price, it has completely reduced to the mid-range machine price. Huawei Mate 20 Specification

Huawei Mate 20 Display and Shape

Huawei Mate20 Processor

The Huawei Mate20 is equipped with a Kirin 980 chip. As one of Huawei ’s high-end chips, Kirin 980 still has a strong performance, just because the Honor phone sells the Kirin 980 phone cheaply, and the Snapdragon 855 phone is also very cheap. Huawei Mate20 won’t sell without price reduction. The 2499-yuan Huawei Mate20 is equipped with a 6GB + 128GB version. 128GB storage is enough, 64GB is not enough. As for storage, Yu Chengdong has said that Huawei’s 4GB storage is smooth and does not lose 6GB of friends, of course, it does not include Apple mobile phones. The conclusion is that 6GB of storage does not lose 8GB of friends. Of course, the reality is not really conclusive, but it is the same as the Android system, the gap is so large, it is a bit unbelievable.

Mate20 Camera

Huawei Mate20 is equipped with three Leica cameras, but the main camera does not have a 40-megapixel Sony IMX600. At the beginning, it was ridiculed by Xiaojun at the Xiaomi Mi 9 conference because it used 12 million pixels, because castration was too large. Compared with Mate20 Pro, the gap was indeed very large Big, not only the camera gap, but also battery life and fast charge. Although the Huawei Mate20 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery and supports 22.5W fast charge, the previous advantages are not bad. Now the mobile phone’s fast charge power is getting bigger and bigger, Huawei Mate20 the nominal super-fast charge is not particularly good. Huawei Mate 20 Specification

Huawei Mate20 uses a water drop screen design. Because it uses LCD material, it cannot make screen fingerprints. It uses a rear fingerprint. Although the matrix camera design is very trendy, but with the rear fingerprint, the design is a bit strange, and the body is not Slender, looks a bit “puffy”. Huawei Mate20 supports IP53 level dustproof and waterproof, which is still insufficient in waterproofing. It is only 2499 yuan now, and IP53 level is not bad. Huawei Mate 20 Specification

Now that Huawei Mate 20 has fallen to 2499 yuan, Yu Chengdong has completely cleared the stock. As a Huawei high-end phone, the quality control is still very high. The Kirin 980 can still play a large role. Although there is no 40 million pixels, the Leica three-shot camera is still Yes, what do you think?

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