Honor V30 Pro Vs Honor 30
Honor V30 Pro Vs Honor 30

Why do you really understand the mobile phone suggest to choose Honor V30Pro instead of Honor 30

Honor V30 Pro Vs Honor 30

Recently, Honor released three new Honor flagship products, the Honor 30 series, because the configuration is similar to the Honor V30, so many people are more entangled in the end how to choose? Among them, some peoples asked how to choose Honor 30 and Honor V30? What I want to say is that neither of these two options is recommended. If you want to get a better experience, the one who really understands mobile phones will first recommend the Honor V30 Pro, so there are the following obvious advantages!

1. Performance advantage! Honor V30

Honor V30 Pro Display

In terms of performance, the Honor V30 Pro is equipp with the same Kirin 990 5G chip as the P40 Pro. This chip is the most powerful integrated 5G chip up to the flagship. Because it is integrated with 5G baseband, the power consumption will be lower compared to competing products. Although Honor 30 launches the first Kirin 985 chip, the performance of this chip is not as good as Kirin 990 5G. Kirin 990 5G is about 480,000 points, and Kirin 985 is only about 400,000 points. The gap between the two is obvious.

2. Advantages of fast charging for battery life!

In terms of battery life, we know that the Honor V30 Pro highly inherits the multiple fast charging functions on the Mate 30 Pro. Whether it is 40W wired or 27W wireless or wireless reverse charging, there is no castration. Coupled with a 4100mAh battery blessing, battery life is also quite guaranteed. The Honor 30 has been castrated in terms of battery life, the battery has shrunk to 4000mAh, and the wireless charging function has been castrated, leaving only 40W fast wired charging, which is not as good as the Honor V30 Pro in terms of charging diversity.

Honor 30 Vs Honor V30 Pro

3. Advantages of camera photography!

In terms of cameras, the Honor V30 Pro had a score of 122 points for DXO photography, and the total score was on par with the Samsung 20 ultra. It shows that its photographic strength is indeed excellent. Looking at the camera hardware, the rear of the machine is equipp with 40 million three shots, which are also arranged in RYYB, so the night scene shooting strength cannot be underestimated. The front-mounted 32 million 88 million ultra-clear self-timer combination also adds color to the machine quite a lot. The Honor 30 rear lens is also a 40-megapixel super-sensitive four-shot, but the front lens is castrated to 32 million. The camera hardware is inferior to the V30 Pro, and the camera strength is naturally inferior.

4. Price & Storage: Honor V30

Honor V30 Pro Camera

In terms of price, the Honor V30 Pro has also fallen to the conscience price. Similarly, the first price of 8 128GB is only 400 yuan more than the Honor 30, and this 400 yuan can be exchanged for significantly better performance and better. Taking pictures, more diversified fast charging, and longer battery life are also great choices. Of course, although the LCD screen equipp with this machine is not as gorgeous as the Honor 30 when the LCD screen is damaged, the maintenance cost is much cheaper than the OLED screen, which is enough. Is it true?

So that was the Honor V30 Pro Vs Honor 30 which is the best mobile. We hope you will like it.

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