Honor V20
Honor V20

Honor V20 Specification and Price: The Huawei brand has a fairly irreplaceable position in the current domestic mobile phone market. Although there are many brands competing with it, in the final analysis; it can’t be said that “going hand in hand” can only be regarded as “following problems”. However, Huawei does have some shortcomings in the low-end range. Huawei nova series products are low in price and high in price and are not competitive, but Honor as its subsidiary has made up the gap quite well. Among the glorious products, whether it is a thousand-yuan low-end machine or a flagship series; they have attracted many user groups based on the principle of cost-effectiveness. The Honor V20 is further reduced by 300 yuan on the basis of a preferential price of $343 USD (2,399 yuan), and the 8GB + 128GB version of the Honor V20 can be bought for only $300 USD (2099 yuan).

Honor V20 Design

Although the Honor product focuses on the principle of cost-effectiveness and pays great attention to the development of low-end devices. It does not mean that it does not have a flagship product, and friends who pursue mobile phone performance can also be satisfied in the Honor brand. Most of Honor’s products use Huawei’s independently developed chip, the Kirin series. In fact, it brought the excellent advantages of Honor products. For example, the Kirin 810 of the Honor 9X was the strongest chip in the thousand-yuan machine; which defeated the Redmi Note 8 series at the time. Although the disadvantage of 10W was greatly discussed by Lu Webbing we can see that the processor; of a mobile phone really played a decisive role, and Glory carried forward its advantages. Honor V20 Specification and Price

Honor V20 Processor

This Honor V20 is the flagship series of the Honor brand. It is equipped with the flagship chip Kirin 980 and a 7nm process. Compared to the previous generation chip, it has a considerable increase in GPU and CPU. AI ​​computing power is even better. Riding the dust. For friends with high standards and high requirements for mobile phone performance; this mobile phone with only two thousand yuan can do it. The blessing of GPU Turbo 2.0 allows users to have a better experience. Honor V20 Specification and Price

Camera & Battery

In terms of taking pictures, the Honor V20 also has a very good performance. Sony IMX586’s 1 / 2-inch oversized sensor, 48 million AI ultra-clear photography camera, 960 frames slow motion; 3D video slimming effect, to provide friends who love to take pictures, video more advanced and accurate photography experience. The 4000mAh battery capacity brings the satisfaction of long battery life. From all aspects, the advantages of this phone are very powerful. Honor V20 Specification and Price

As the flagship product of the Honor brand; this phone can definitely bear the title of “flagship” in terms of quality; but from the price point of view, it has indeed achieved a relatively high price-performance ratio. Compared with the similarly priced thousand-yuan machine, this phone is more than a star ahead in performance; but compared with other brands of the same performance, the price is very favorable, so it is worth considering. Honor V20 Specification and Price

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