Honor Magic 2
Honor Magic 2

Honor Magic 2 Specification: Many people have the same feelings as Xiaobian about the current smart phone market. That is, today’s mobile phones are too unvalued. There is a saying before that is to buy an iPhone and sell it after one year. Go out and change to a new Android flagship, but now even Apple has begun to reduce prices; not to mention Android phones with shorter life cycles; plus 5G mobile phones will be a lot of pressure, some old 4G mobile phones must be sold in time. Otherwise, no one will buy it in the future. In this case, Huawei will have to turn on the firepower. Recently, a flagship equipped with Kirin 980 and 40W fast charge has dropped to the “freezing point price”. The rhythm of clearance. Honor Magic 2 Specification

Honor Magic 2 Design


This phone is the Honor Magic 2. It is the first Honor phone equipped with Kirin 980. It was listed earlier, but its positioning is very high. The listing price is as high as 3799 yuan. Now it is also 2100 yuan down. It only takes 1699 yuan to get it For Huawei phones; which have always been stable, this decline is a bit exaggerated; and it is also one of the few “diving kings”. It is also a lot of netizens’ attention when it is cleared, so in addition to excellent cost performance; Honor Magic2 is still worth starting now? I believe this is the question of many people; so let’s take a look at the specific situation of this phone.

Honor Magic 2 Camera

In terms of appearance, Honor Magic 2 adopts a 6.39-inch slider-type full-screen solution. The design concept is still relatively new. Although mobile phone manufacturers have abandoned this approach today, in terms of appearance; it seems to be better than many heterosexual full-screen phones. Fortunately, the screen ratio is also very high, while it also supports screen fingerprints; and its front camera has reached a three-shot combination. The combination of 16 million + 2 million + 2 million pixels can greatly increase the playability of the camera; and the back also Not to be outdone, a 16-megapixel + 20-megapixel + 16-megapixel three-camera lens is used; and the overall imaging quality is quite satisfactory. It can still pass the score now.


Everyone knows that in the era when mobile phone manufacturers are still exploring full-screen solutions; it is inevitable that some products with “experimental” will be launched. Honor Magic 2 has taken on this task. The slide-type full-screen looks beautiful, and it also makes People seem to be back to the era of the slider; of the function machine in the past, but there are also many disadvantages to this mechanical structure. For example, there is no more space for the battery inside, so its battery capacity is only 3500mAh; but fortunately it supports 40W fast charging. It is to make up for the shortcomings in battery life, while the fuselage is too heavy; the data of 8.3mm and 206g is difficult to associate it with the excellent feel, and the slide part is easily stained with dirt. Honor Magic 2 Specification

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