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Honor 9X


Huawei Honor 9X review was hit by a U.S. ban, the organization’s activities never stopped. Even at home Awards, In fact, in the past few months, the international community has released several smartphones. So, Honor 9X certainly found a space in which Honor 9X review, recently in Italy. This smartphone is outlined as a normal mid-range; which is characterized by the presence of HiSilicon SoC Kirin 710F 4GB RAM per person. But beyond all these specifications, what else does this large display hide? How does the device perform in daily use? Find out our inner full review.


In this article, you will get detail about the following things

  1. Unboxing
  2. Design and construction quality
  3. Hardware and performance
  4. Software
  5. Camera
  6. Video
  7. Audio and connection
  8. Battery
  9. Price and Conclusion

Honor 9x Unboxing

Honor 9X review is clear from the sales packaging that the product is aimed at young users. In fact, the entire side is characterized by a very bright blue color; with an image of the smartphone printed on the front. However, in this sales box, we found:

  • Honor 9X Review ;
  • Wall-mounted power supply with European socket;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • Transparent soft silicone sleeve;
  • Short instruction manual, also in Italian;
  • For SIM slots.

Design and materials

Honor 9X Design and materials

If we were to evaluate the build quality of the model, this evaluation would be 10 on 8. Honor 9X review actually provides a good and constructive level; characterized by the existence of the glass on the rear surface.

USB type c

 However, Honor 9X review as the sapphire blue version has not been tested; we cannot appreciate the typical design on the back, which shows the X brand. To prove this, the official website also reports rigorous tests that the product must undergo, such as resistance tests. Volume buttons, USB Type-C at the entrance and many others.

Despite this, the device itself is not too small, 163.1 x 77.2 x 8.8 mm and weighs 208 grams. Honor 9X review, therefore, is a fairly large smartphone that is not always easy to manage with one hand in daily use. Thanks also to the important screen diagonal, which covers the entire front surface of the device. Always observe this profile and then we will notice the triple room with personal assistance LED flash. So, just next to the fingerprint reader. The latter works well, and you can unlock the device around 9 or 10 times. Among other things, there is no face unlock.

Honor 9X Shape

The entire side frame is a metal polishing, the back surface having the same color. Therefore, on the right, we have the key ON / OFF and volume bar; and on the other side, Honor 9X review we found that the surface is completely clean. 

Then, in the upper part, we find that the SIM slot; the auxiliary microphone in order to suppress ambient noise and front camera, hidden in the body. In contrast, in the lower profile, we have holes mini-jack for headphones; microphone main inlet USB -C type and system speakers.

Honor 9x Display

Honor 9X review On this phone, you will find a space to display LCD IPS FullView from the 6,59-inch diagonal with a resolution of FHD + (2340 the X-1080 pixels) and the density of the PPI 391’s. According to the company, the absence of notches caused the panel to occupy 91% of the entire front surface. If we notice, in fact, the anterior chamber is implemented in a fairly standard pop-up mechanism.

Honor 9x Display

From the viewpoint of chromaticity, the panel returns a good feeling, showing color less intense. Honor 9X Review.

 This way, these shadows don’t rotate too much at extreme angles, thus making white and black look deeper than a normal IPS screen. If color calibration does not convince you, you can still change it in the appropriate menu. Honor 9X review, In fact, the possibilities are almost limitless among them.

Honor 9x upper Display

Indirect sunlight, I did not encounter any particular problems of visibility, albeit relative sensors in different situations, proved too lazy. Nevertheless, although the oleophobic treatment on the screen is not entirely convincing, the panel is clearly visible in almost every case.

 However, in terms of writing, Honor 9X review I have never felt any criticism because the touch screen always responds quickly and accurately.

Honor 9X Hardware and performance

Honor 9X installs Hisilicon SoC Kirin 710F, and then the processor eight cores with a maximum configuration of 2,27GHz clock frequency 2x 2.27 GHz Cortex-A76 + 6x 1.88 GHz Cortex-A55. To cope with this area, we found the Mali-G52 MP6 GPU, it is in terms of memory, 4GB RAM E 128GB internal memory. However, if you want to expand the internal storage space, you can use one of the MicroSD for 512GB of storage.

I haven’t encountered any special problems in my daily use Honor 9X Review, although I still need to make some criticisms. Honor 9X Review Against hardware, All in all, I do not always find the largest liquidity can navigate between various menus and various applications.

 On Facebook, Telegram and a few others, I can not say I suffer applications slowed sharply, but on Instagram, the situation is quite different. As a smartphone that is publicly committed to sharing content on social media, I shouldn’t find it difficult to post certain types of stories on the platform. 


But this has happened. From this point of view, this is why I absolutely cannot promote the device, because in some cases it displays so slowly that it also impairs all other functions of the phone, such as navigating inside the phone. Multitasking.

You can also use other titles on the Play Store, such as Call of Duty phone o Doo- s, although after a long game, back slightly warm, I did not feel the temperature rises. However, thanks to the Turbo 3.0 GPU, certain processes are optimized by providing all the features during the game phase.

Honor 9x Benchmark Score

Honor 9x Benchmark Score
Honor 9x Geek Benchmark Score

Honor 9x Software

In all past reviews, we have discussed in depth the software installed on these devices. As a result, Honor 9X is located in EMUI 9.1, based on Android 9 Pie, and a security patch that currently stops on 1 August 2019. Then there are all the Google services, and from which you can download all the required applications Play Store.

Although all of this software is recognized as one of the most complete and mature software in the field of Android interface customization Honor 9X review. In fact, even at the service level, we also have a range of system applications pre-installed (not the Google pre-installed) tools, many other mobile systems envy.

 Therefore, Honor 9X Review I continue to argue that the terminal is well integrated with the entire system and that everything runs smoothly. As usual, the system gestures will switch between various menus, and some items in the settings we have found on all Huawei terminals for some time, not only that. 


Honor 9X review These findings space in the digital management, and the application by sending a signal to our excessive use of mobile phones in our day to track the use of equipment optimization check all content is at its best.

Then, on Honor 9X Review, we also found an app called “Party Mode”, which can synchronize the playback of songs on multiple devices to create more realistic surround sound effects.

Honor 9x Camera

Honor 9x Camera

From the point of view of photography, to find space on a smartphone main sensor 48-megapixel opening F. / 1.8, a wide-angle lens da megapixels 8 with a 120 ° vision system and a smaller sensor megapixel 2, only to calculate the depth of field.

In this regard, smartphones are disappointing despite showing enough clicks in this price range. However, it does not seem to be one of the best camera phones of its kind on the market. Honor 9X review In the daylight hours Therefore, the quality is quite good, but the white and the overall management of the external lighting is slightly disappointing. 

Camera colors

In fact, I couldn’t find bright colors and good enough contrast to justify my purchase. Honor 9X review  As with all other products of the brand, HDR is hidden in the settings even if I wish to set it automatically. 

So with wide angles, the distortion along the side edges is indeed too high, indicating that the software on this smartphone has not been properly optimized in this area. Honor 9X Review Then, from smaller sensors to sensors dedicated to macros, you will get excellent results. However, you will always have a good light source to better appreciate every detail.

Honor 9X Review Photo sample

Honor 9X Review Photo sample
Honor 9X sample Photo

During this period the night time sharp decline in quality, noise, and photography further. Honor 9X review  But he convinced the night mode.

which in many cases can better manage the light source without distorting the quality of the original image. Honor 9X review, However, if this feature does not exist, then we will have enough equipment in the field.

 Honor 9X Review, In fact, we haven’t noticed that the attention to detail is lower than other mid-range smartphones on the market. However, during the darkest hours, we do not recommend using a wide-angle sensor because the yield is really poor.

Night Shoot

Honor 9X Night Shoot

There is a space in front of the pop-up room da megapixels 16, open F / 2.2. Honor 9X Review  By removing the beauty filter, the quality is absolutely no less than that shown by competitors. However, I don’t particularly like two things. During the day and night, using the bokeh effect, Honor 9X review you will get bad results. Many parts of the main object are opaque, so the system cannot better understand the true distance between the planes. Secondly, when usage patterns portrait, the entire natural background overexposed.


Honor 9X Review is capable of shooting video from 1080p to 60fps. During shooting, it is only possible to switch from one sensor to another by using 30p at 720fps. So in this respect, the numbers are stable. Honor 9X review didn’t completely convince me. In fact, we noticed the strange distortion effect due to the latter. With the focus then we are on a good level. However, during walking, the sensor easily loses focus and often displays completely blurred frames.

Honor 9X Video

A-level audio contrary, we are on a good level. When around the public, there is no specific type of distortion causing by excessive noise.

Audio and connection

As many people expect, with this smartphone we will not be able to use stereo audio. In fact, from the lower part of the release of all the forces of the individual speakers generally, it the quality of its competitor’s expression. Honor 9X review, as a result, we found the sound to be fairly flat and undisturbing, with almost no bass. Therefore, almost all intermediate frequencies are cancels out and high frequencies are used instead. Still, even with a pair of Bluetooth headsets, using your own headsets can greatly improve quality. However, Honor 9X review we do not know whether this equipment does implement some features codec Given no statement on the official website of too much information, so specific to this type of equipment.

During Call

During this period the call, on the contrary, the sound is very clear, even in the usually crowded place, you can clearly hear the voice on the other side. Even after tens of minutes of conversation, Honor 9X Review I never found any problems or signal interference.

From the point of view of connectivity, in Honor 9X review, we have Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac dual Bluetooth 5.0, and a global positioning system (L1 + L5 dual band) / an AGPS / the GLONASS / Beidou. Supporting two with 4G, this has not caused me any problems in these weeks. The same applies to all other modules. Wi-Fi only provides fair coverage. Bluetooth can quickly connect with any type of accessories and a satellite navigation system. Honor 9X review The navigation system can quickly connect to satellites and can be fully satisfied on the go Claim. Unfortunately, NFC technology. I think this lack is very serious for a smartphone that claims to want to be the youngest reference point. Honor 9X Review In fact, more and more people are paying with their smartphones, and in many cases, this tool is absolutely needed.


With this phone, you can hardly complete a working day. Thanks to your 4.000 mAh battery, in fact, you can almost always overcome the 6-hour screen light up. On the basis of Honor 9X review of the continuous use of 15 hours. In fact, a mix of Wi-Fi and 4G can reach these numbers. If you still need to use it less, maybe you will be able to complete it in a day and a half.

Then, I can not provide more details about me you charging time. In fact, Honor 9X review in our kits, there is no wall power supply with a European plug but a Chinese plug.

which is why I don’t know if the same type of charger is actually available in the sales package.Honor 9X Review  With this unit, the output from the 5V /. 2A, I only took two hours from 10 to 100%.

Price and conclusion

Honor 9X Review has a list price di $277 USD. But finding yourself in the week of Black Friday can be even less than 20 Euros. Nevertheless, the device has somewhat disappointed our expectations. Honor 9X review we want to be able to find a product that is committed to sharing all kinds of content on Instagram as well as all other products social networks; on the contrary, we have to note that all of these tools have been in a slow state. 

So even if you are not an Instagram user, you can rely on this product, although there may be better things on the market.

However, Honor 9X review considering that the price of Honor devices tends to drop rapidly as the market price drops, the price of 222 USD will definitely become more interesting and attractive.

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